Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Remedies for port related issues in a Windows machine

Various ports can be seen behind and in front of a CPU; these are designed on a CPU to connect certain hardware such as printers, scanners, flash sticks, mouse and keyboard. The clash of these ports with a newly installed driver or an update will bring in errors in its operation. Once a port has been overridden by certain issues, it won’t work efficiently. It will start to behave in an awkward manner. It will turn on and off without any authentication and could also stop working. If such a thing happens, users won’t be able to access the device connected to that particular port. Resolving this issue isn’t that much complicated or time wasting. The issue can be solved by following the instructions carved out by the Microsoft support team. Follow these leads instead of spending dollars on a computer support team.
Fix for computers that run on Vista
Go to the "Start" tab placed down below your desktop and click on the "My Computer" tab twice.
Inside the “My computer” window navigate to the C: drive and right click on it to select the "Properties" window.
Now go to the "Hardware" tab.
Clicking on a port twice will reveal its present working status. Continue doing the same until you find the infected port. The port that’s not working won’t be detected and the device status will be null.
Roll down to the "Driver" tab and pick out the "Update Driver".
Now tag on the "OK" button to reset the port.Check if the particular port is working perfectly or not.
Fix for computers that run on Windows XP
Roll down your cursor to the "Start" tab and click on the "My Computer" tab twice to open it.
Go to the C: drive and right click on it to reveal the "Properties" option.
Navigate to the "Device Manager" and hit on the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" tab.
Scroll to the "PCI" or "Bridge" tab. Right click on a certain port to unleash the "Properties" tab.
Now get it updated by clicking on the "Update this Device" tab and tag along the "OK" tab to complete the process.
All the port related issues can be resolved without the help of any computer support centers, by following these simple instructions.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Overclocking a Processor

All processors come with a preset frequency at which it works. These types of processors don’t work above the maximum preset frequency by default. But the new ones like the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors come with internal Overclocking option. These processors have the capacity to over clock near 700 MHz. But the old processors won’t do it by default as they are designed not to do so. There are a lot of tech support websites that offers articles on different types of overclocking; but not all of them describe the harmful effects of manual overclocking.

What is Overclocking?
Overclocking is the process in which you set the processor to work at a frequency that is higher than its preset max value. When you overclock the processor, it can cause the processor do overwork and this causes overheating, increases RAM speed, leads to voltage drop etc. So, if you are planning on overclocking your processor on a whim, you will definitely smolder that piece of silicon.
Overclocking effects on processors are totally different. Same model processors will show different charts and levels when overclocked. If one shows performance, other will literally be on fire. The thing is that most Quad Core or Core 2 Duo processors don’t show any difference when overclocked. You should have an external cooler and good ventilation cabinet. Here are some instructions for Overclocking.

1. Download the programs - CPU-z, OCCT, Prime95.
2. Open the BIOS settings from boot. In the advanced tab, change the FSB by 10 MHz, this is the minimum increment.
3. Go to Windows, check and continue this process until FSB equals 60 MHz. After that go to Windows and monitor the temperature with Real Temp. The CPU temperature should not be above 60oC.
4. Using the Diagnostic tools, check the RAM speed. Don’t let the RAM speed cross the rated speed. Also set PCIe frequency to 100. You can go to BIOS again and raise the FSB by 10 MHz. After that check the Processor and RAM status using OCCT for 1 hour.
5. Overclocking increases power consumption. So in case a BSOD occurs or black screen occurs or if the system restarts abnormally, go to BIOS and raise the VCORE voltage by minimum level.
6. When you find that FSB hits the limit, stop it there and drop it to the last point. In case you hit black screen or non boot situation, do a CMOS reset and restart.

If you check other tech support forums you can know about various other problems caused by Overclocking.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turning OFF Password when Rebooting your Computer

Security systems are obligatory components in Operating systems. Windows platforms are no different in case of security systems. Microsoft has packed the legendary Windows platform with a lot of security features to avoid misuse of user accounts and computer systems. Some security features are for networking security whereas others are for personal security and user account security. If you search Windows Help Index in your Windows platform, you can read the different security features implemented in the platform.
Windows, in normal cases, involves you in entering a password to log in to your user account and to access your computer when it reboots. This process is a part of the security measure to protect your system from unauthorized individuals or other users. Every operating system has its distinct way to restart, in case you want to reboot the machine.  If you want to, due to any reason, you can disable the password prompt. There are some instructions given in the following part that will help you to turn off the password prompt while rebooting your computer.

In Windows 7 Platform

1. Click on the Start Button located on the Taskbar on the bottom part of the desktop.
2. Type the text “control userpasswords2” in the search box option in the Start menu.
3. Uncheck the box aligned to the option that says, "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" in the User Accounts window that appears.
4. Enter your account password and click on Confirm link to complete the process.

In Windows Vista Platform

1. Click on the Start button located on the bottom left corner of the Desktop. The Start Button is a round button that bears the Windows emblem.
2. Click on the Run option in the Start Menu.
3. Type "netplwiz" in the text box in Run Window and press "Enter."
4. In the User accounts window opened, uncheck the box aligned to the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" and click OK.
5. In the text fields (White Boxes) given there, enter the username and password (login details) to login automatically when you restart the computer. Now click on the box aligned to "Automatically Log On" option and press the OK button after that.
6. Now close all the applications and restart your computer. You can see that the password page is disabled.
You can check the Windows Help feature more details regarding the security features in Windows.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guidelines for activating Windows XP Service Pack 2

Tech giant Microsoft prompts their users to activate their copies of Windows XP service pack 2 for authorizing and validating the operating systems. Microsoft designs their operating systems in such a way that it will pop up with a window to enter the product key and activate the Windows as soon as you install the copy of Windows XP service pack 2. Windows usually comes up with three choices, among which two of them are for users without an internet connection. If you are a user among those then you can activate it later.
Microsoft endow with options like telephone and internet to activate Windows. You can opt either of those to activate your copy of Windows. If you are someone who doesn’t have time to waste then go for the internet activation, as it’s the fastest and easiest way to activate your Windows. Another option is to activate by calling the Windows activation centre. Windows tech support team with efficient professionals assists you in activating your copy of Windows with your purchase details.
Activation via Internet
Activating Windows XP service pack 2 via internet is the best feasible alternative. Once you opt for online activation, Windows XP by design will try to establish a connection with activation server. Whole activation string will be completed inside a minute or two with an option to register your Windows, but this choice is optional and isn’t that relevant. You can register if you wish to receive the updates from Microsoft regarding their products and it will also help to keep your Computer protected.
Activation through telephone
Track for the contact number by running the Activation Wizard and dial it up. Later the activation Wizard will furnish you an activation request number. This activation request number should be provided to the customer support executive when he/she asks for it. Once they receive your request number they will give u back the activation code compatible for activating your Windows XP service pack 2. Enter that code on to the activation screen prompted on your desktop and press “Enter”. It’s done; your copy of Windows is now activated. You can now slip back your focus in completing the installation of Windows XP service pack2.
Incase if you find it difficult to follow either of these process, feel free to get in touch with Microsoft Windows tech support team.

Monday, July 30, 2012


  I am not some type of computer geek this review is intended for people like me. There are many tech support team reviews cases on the World Wide Web that can turn you into learn but many of them will likely not go just about any deeper than explaining via examples. Not long ago I had to ask for some technical support from intended for my Laptop and the experience hasn't been that terrible. I provide a huge consumer credit to the PC professional been made available to me.

  The actual review of my personal experience with tech support team might be beneficial too. His or her support possibilities can be pretty affordable. His or her professional assist "list price" is first whole 12 months for remote control tech support. This experience might not be representative of the level of support you are certain to get but you will unquestionably get a notion how does that work. Almost all I can do is to instruct people with regards to the kind of you will get.

   With no notice I needed this weird freezing connected with my laptop. I was almost in the middle of a major work and suddenly our computer failed. I referred to as for enable as day or two back I actually gone through their site and I thought it was pretty respectable to ask assistance from unlike some other technical vendor (I don't want to bring name even though). The technician was fairly helpful as well as supportive as well.

   Tech support is definitely a huge problem for most firms. But all you have to do would be to browse through websites for technical support newsgroups has many ones, and then you can easily realize that the majority of customers tend not to even know ways to put forward his or her questions. Combined different desktops and other issues makes almost any sharp in addition to talented technician confuse in addition to makes it impossible for them to solve it.

  Conversation with the prospects has to be serious supportive, which usually u definitely get from. Technicians usually gets over excited with their trouble shooting and sometimes restricts the customers after they speak as well as neglect the opinion with the issue want . Users or perhaps customers exclusively know the achievements really about. Aside from that, an employee or perhaps technician ought to always be courteous along with well polite towards many customers mainly because that's its area. They must also make customers comprehend about the troubleshooting so that the individual gets acquainted with it.

  A genuine good tech support person provides extensive knowledge as well as training as well as it a valuable focal point in asks for a beneficial salary. Can a lot to shield that variety of talent and provide the essential and high quality tech support that lots of people need. To respond to this, is taken advantage of the fact there absolutely are a lot of folks who are willing and able to help the users. A variety of them are the beautifully paid tech support people with which team you might speak to on telephone.

   Creates the web site like, and many others that make it possible for people for customers and the users to talk well and then for also selecting the most appropriate program or even plan for independently. Instead of forgetting the websites that helped us out from the soup, I will advise you to generate a bookmark of the websites, pertaining to issues are always around the corner.

  Since I went with the one year request plan, in the near future I obtained a call coming from a skilled professional over the phone. Though it took time for the technician to comprehend my issue but nevertheless I appreciate we didn't have that scripted response that which you usually find for different free complex service provider, including after speaking with those you sense like bumping your head up against the wall in frustration. This technician handled me such as a customer however didn't believe that I believed nothing. The following made it possible for you to zero in on where to start remarkably quickly. After looking at a few evident possible ways, many of us set an isolated connection to this PC so your technician could work directly on the box.

   The actual short edition of this story is the fact, using emailed instructions your technician got a chance to me just after that, making it me determine what actually inducing the problem.

  The particular enough excellent knowledge which is been taught through my technical assistant was that when the computer won't be able to find a kept up to date driver, that locks on its own up and obtain freeze. The particular hardware owners should be up to date on a regular basis. RAM increases the PC's virtual memory. Ram memory acts as a barrier to speed up access to your programs and also files which are in use. Though all of your data is stored on your hard drive, RAM is much more rapidly. Whenever your laptop or computer pulls upward a file over hard drive, it loads this into your process RAM therefore it can continue to can get on faster. In summary a much more rapidly interface with your computer. A lot more RAM there is a more programs and files your computer can continue to keep stored in the RAM.

   Since this is a virtual Fundamental site, I will not be referencing the brand label of our PC. When you are absolutely perishing to know email me I'll let you know everything. A technician updated my new driver remotely and I'm up plus cranking yet again on my Computer system.

   After my whole remote session I have got gone through their internet site minutely and I learned that they have all over 95% of client satisfaction. I will absolutely like to mention what is great at; personnel of are perfect at doing work under supervision or inside a team. The particular technicians are wonderful natured personality in addition to affable character and as well help the team spirit and team leadership. The personal properties and the attributes can affect along with individual's outcome and team leadership much more when compared with you can imagine. And they also leave a mark about customers head.

If you look around at people or even your peers, you can realize that that you are not alone to create complaints with regard to their computer. There always any tsunami of customer commenting one’s forum relating to technical support. There are few praising and also few are disapproving, retaining all these because of the technician but still giving you your satisfactory alternatives is a substantial job.

   This option diagnose the root cause of a errors by using a device or hardware of course, if it can be solved by guide book resetting then they may guide the consumers through the step-by-step process. That they wait until laptop is re-booted to ensure total resolution with the issue.

   As I finished speaking with the specialist I also mention to the supervisor, to show how much my partner and I appreciated the technician's work. This technician offers this amazing expertise in the situation, the actual courtesy and respect he or she showed as well as their diligence inside resolving our problem ended up being extraordinary and many commendable. I truly appreciated dealing with him, after I learned a lot from their site. He would have been a real trouper along with quitting was not a part of her character. Need to be very excited to have this specific member of your employees on your group and in your online business. It was a really great job.

   Getting online pc tech support offers various benefits. One is that you save time and effort and get anyone box fixed as soon as possible. Another advantage is that by their Computer system tech support guidance, you get a number of training on how to fix the pc issue. If the same predicament happens once again, you would follow simple proven steps to fix that. There through saving you the charges on pc repair tech products and services.

   I will as well mention it can be amazing to acquire their 1 year request plan by, for which you have to pay once  and they supply you with the best technical support free of cost with a one year plan. You have to make sure that your computer get the support routine maintenance and correct tune up, it should perform well.

   Just what best you can get customized tech support team services at the moment and place you choose and at when 365 days. Together with the overall Laptop troubleshooting (seeing that technicians call it) experience of all around a decade, many people not only will give you a deal about tech support but will also familiarize a person with the technicalities of your dearest machine.

   The community is always ready to lend an added hand, with discussion boards and also questions and answers services, forums, troubleshooting help may not be real-time or hands-on, yet it is free along with instructional.

   Essentially that, in at least this particular one case, established technical support court warrants the price as said before on their site, and provides you with the greatest technical solutions round the clock.

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