Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Microsoft Brings Out Healthcare App For Better Communication

Microsoft has made its presence felt in the Health IT sector lately, with collaboration with TracFone. The new tie-up is aimed towards effectuating the use of technology in healthcare. There’s no saying how this will be received in a field which is already so ripe with changes. For their part, the tech giant is trying to bring in ways that will provide patients easier and more secure access to their healthcare providers.

The software maker, alongside Health Choice Networks (HCN), is trying to enable patients to get more actively involved in their healthcare process. This will also make use of existing technologies under their banner, including the Office 365, Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and several smartphone apps. These are meant to help patients get in touch with their doctors, as well as collect their own health data. The security offered by these technologies is substantial, and these also come with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Microsoft and TracFone form the partnership, with the former offering the technology, while the latter gives out the services. To sweeten the deal, participants will also receive a Windows Phone when they sign up for the program. This phone will have all of the requisite apps pre-installed, according to the specific needs of each patient. Among these, Health Vault lets the patient track their health information. This is a product from Microsoft.

This raises hopes that patients can take better control of their heath. Maybe Microsoft is leaning so far into the mobile app field because of their impending Windows 10 OS, which is rumored to be the company’s most versatile platform yet. It is set to correct the problem, which Windows 8 brought in, and which consequently got the latter panned widely.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Retaining A Copy Of Your Outlook Email On The Server

Outlook downloads your email messages off the server it’s connected to, and that’s how you get to see them without logging in to your webmail. If you have an IMAP, HTTP or Exchange server connection in place, these downloaded mails get left on the server. But when the POP3 option is enabled, the emails get deleted after you get rid of them inside Outlook. There’s no copy remaining on the server itself.

This might be a tad inconvenient at times, such as when you decide that a deleted message was one you needed. To ensure that a situation like that doesn’t arise, you can adjust the settings in the application. What you’ll be doing is configuring it to leave a copy of the message on the server. This is most useful when you use Outlook on more than a single machine.

  • Go to the File menu from the top toolbar. Once that comes up, choose the Account Settings option.
  • When the next menu comes up, choose Account Settings from there also.
  • Choose the email account you’re adjusting the settings for. You’ll find it listed in the Email tab.
  • Hit the Change button when the Account Settings window comes up.
  • Hit the More Settings button.
  • Go to the Advanced tab, which will be at the top of the window.
  • Check the box next to the Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server option, and also the one beside Delivery.
  • Leave the Remove From Server option deselected.
  • Hit OK, then Next, and then Finish.
  • Press the Close button to get out of the Account Settings box.

That was on how to fix it so a copy of your email remains on the server after you delete it from Outlook. This and many other Outlook concerns can be dealt with easily if you have a reliable support provider to avail services from.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

When Looking For Quality Tech Support Services

One has to be very careful when it comes to paying for any service online. There is always a small chance you are being duped by some scam artist using a fake website. Such incidents are more common than you think. A good example is the number of OmniTech Support fraud websites you get when you search for their official website in search engines.

Get quality support from the genuine tech service provider

Obviously, you have to distinguish between the fake websites and the real ones. But, many not-so-tech-savvy users can be easily duped with a fake website that looks somewhat similar to the official one. You need to spend some time on the website checking out the different links and options provided there. You are likely to notice something out of place at least in some elements of the website, especially in the website address.

Such precautions are necessary to avoid paying your money to an OmniTech Support fraud website. Most likely, you are not going to get any service once you make the payment. However, in some cases, the charade continues further with the user asked to install some OS repair tools in his system. These malware applications will further help these scam artists extract more data from your system.
You have to take necessary precautions to avoid such scams online. Instead, stick to genuine tech service providers like Omni Tech Support, which has been providing quality service for more than a decade. Looking for cheaper tech service providers, whose names you have never heard before, is not a smart idea.

Omni Tech Support has been in the tech support industry for more than ten years. They have their headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Also, they have excellent BBB ratings as well as favourable reviews from their satisfied users. If you spend some time going through the services mentioned on their website, you are sure to be impressed by the amount of tech services that are included in their very affordable subscription packages.

Their Systems Engineers have the skill set required for fixing any tech problem that might occur in your systems. You may contact these technicians, whenever you face a tech problem in your system's OS, your office document applications, server software programs, email server-client systems and so on.
You may use the helpline number or the chat support line to reach the tech support team and they will help you fix the problem in the shortest time possible.

Fix Windows Installation Issues

Windows operating system from Microsoft is one of the most popular OSs that people use. They have made several advancements during these years that is resulting in new operating systems with better functionalities and features. The operating system gained its popularity particularly because people can work on it with much ease. The best part is that it has a help and support section integrated that would help people with technical solutions to fix various issues in the computer.

Microsoft often comes up with better and new operating systems every now and then. Most people think that OS installation and setup is a tedious process. Moreover, when people want to install a latest operating system, they look for technical help. It is not a big deal even if you know only little about computers. With the help of apt guidelines, users can solve installation and setup issues in Windows operating system.

OmniTech reviews say that it is best to rely on online support for such issues. You get to save plenty of time and money when you avail services from tech support providers such as OmniTech support. Even if the case is so, here are the instructions to follow that can help you solve installation and setup issues. Two of the options that you can choose while installing Windows are,


When you choose this option, the current version of Windows 7 is replaced by the new operating system while it keeps the settings, files and programs that are stored in the computer.


With the custom installation, Windows 7 operating system will be replaced by an old version. However, with this process, none of the files, settings and programs are preserved in the computer. This is also referred to as clean installation.

You can easily install Windows operating system in the computer by following these relatively easy steps. There are certain requirements you need to be ready with before you start with the installation process. First and foremost, you need to have a copy of the operating system that you want to install. There are about five methods to install Windows operating system in a computer,

  • Upgrade to the latest OS
  • Perform a clean installation
  • Parallel installation or installation to a new folder
  • Installing Windows to another hard disk
  • Multiple boot option

In case you have issues with the installation process, get online tech help from OmniTech services, say OmniTech reviews. So, feel free to contact Omnitech Support for any further technical assistance.

A Note On Online Tech Support Scams

Omni tech support is one of the leading tech-support service providers that have been in the business for a very long time. They strive to provide services in the most efficient way to achieve customer satisfaction to the fullest. Hence, they have a number of services and subscriptions to offer for their customers to choose from. However, some of the swindlers have been trying to prey on every possible computer, and have been using the name of Omni tech for harming or stealing from people’s computers. Hence, this lead to the outbreak of Omni tech support scam reports.

Customers who want access to tech support from Omni tech need to call up on the toll free number 1-866-612-4220. The customer will get connected to one of the support representatives. Here the customers can address their concern regarding any technical issue they have. The technician will have relevant questions in order to get more information about the issue. Provide the details to the best of your knowledge.

Depending on the severity of the issue, the technician might have to connect to the customer’s computer remotely in order to work on the same. Once the customer accepts, the technician would start working on the customer’s computer. Here, the customer will have nothing much to do except for instances where he or she has to help the technician with passwords and the like.

The sad thing is that swindlers also adopt the same method; the only difference is that swindlers call up the customers themselves; in the other case, it is customer calling the support services. Hence, there have been many instances where the customer has refused remote support. This is only because they might have had a similar experience of a so-called technician claiming that the customer’s computer is infected. It is very hard to persuade them since they know how to convince a person and find their way into the customer’s computer to accomplish his or her task.

This for a fact has affected most of the tech support service providers, since many users have lost trust and are afraid that their computers would be harmed. It is high time customers realize that people who call them and claim to be from one of the top services are all fraudsters. This is because none of the tech-support service companies including Omni tech services has a policy of calling customers themselves. This is the only way to avoid scams like Omni tech support scam web pages.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Canonical Releases Brand New Features

Canonical has recently released a statement saying it has finished its work with Microsoft and will now be able to run Windows server on top of the OpenStack and Linux variant Ubuntu operating system.

Canonical, the company behind the Debian based Linux operating system has finally announced the availability of virtualized drivers. This allows Windows Guest operating systems to run on KVM hypervisors, which will subsequently allow execution on the Opencloud cloud-computing platform. Although none of the Omni Tech Support scam articles have banked upon this information, always be on the lookout for the source of the information. If you want more information about Windows Guest operating systems, you may contact OmniTech Support.

The recently developed VirtO drivers have been designed to optimize the performance of the guest operating system that will execute on Ubuntu and OpenStack cloud. This new driver is available for all versions of Windows Server, which include Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012R2.

Canonical cloud product marketing manager Sally Radwan said, “This allows enterprises with a large Windows Server footprint to build OpenStack clouds on Ubuntu but keep their guest OS and workloads untouched.” The aim of the company is to extend the functionality of Ubuntu and OpenStack ecosystem by testing out thousands of third-party products. By doing so against OpenStack, they ensure compatibility and performance. This feature is available through OIL OpenStack Interoperability Lab. To know more information about the same, you may contact OmniTech Support. Always check if the source of information is genuine before you read it. This way, you can avoid falling for Omni Tech Support scam services.

The collaboration with Microsoft has been a part of this drive. This has enabled Canonical to go through the necessary certification process that lies under Microsoft’s Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program, or SVVP. Due to this certification, Microsoft has signed off the application software as a stable and reliable plugin relatively free of bugs. It has endorsed Ubuntu's ability to run Windows guest version with stability and relative ease. Radwan added, “The end goal is to provide a reliable platform for all our customers and give them a choice to run Ubuntu or Windows equally well.”

Canonical users will have access to these drivers through the Ubuntu advantage support programme. By doing so, the company assures its customers that the Windows drivers are updated as a part of Ubuntu's six monthly hardware enablement Kernel release. Moreover, these drivers can be run in all LTS (Long-time-support) edition of Ubuntu, apart from OpenStack versions that support the release.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How To Verify If A Sent Email Message Was Read By The Recipient

One of the best email client applications, Outlook makes communication simple and effective. However, there are times when you wonder think if there were better options in Outlook to execute a specific task, for instance, to know if a recipient has read an email sent to him/her. The normal and easy way to know if one has read an important message you sent to him is to request for a read recipient.

Although a simple option, not many seem to use the read receipt option in Outlook. Below are the steps to ensure read receipt for every email message you send. If you find the steps difficult to follow, feel free to get in touch with our experts at Omni Tech Support desk. However, be cautious that you don’t fall victim to any Omni Tech support scams whose primary purpose is to create a wrong impression about the genuine Omni Tech Support desk.


  • Launch Microsoft Outlook by double-clicking the Outlook icon on your desktop. If you haven’t created a desktop shortcut for Outlook, navigate to the Start button and select All Programs from the dropdown menu. 
  • Choose Microsoft Office from the All Programs list and select Outlook from the resulting dropdown menu. 
  • When the application is loaded, go to the main menu that is located at the top of the window and choose the Tools option. 
  • Choose Options from the Tools dropdown list followed by Email Options. 
  • In the Email Options window, click the tab labelled Preferences. 
  • This will open another dialogue box. From this box, choose Tracking Options. 
  • Locate the checkbox before Request a Read Receipt and ensure that it is ticked. 
  • Restart your Outlook application now. Hereafter, you will receive a read receipt for every email message sent.
Well, if you don’t want to receive read receipt for all emails but select emails, you need to request the same for individual messages. Here is how.
  • Compose a new message in Outlook. 
  • Once done, navigate to the arrow that lies next to Options. 
  • Choose View followed by Options and then Voting Tracking Options. 
  • Ensure that the checkbox before Request a Read Receipt is selected. 
Following the steps given above, you must have learnt how to request a read receipt for the outgoing email messages from your Outlook application. To get apt tech support for Outlook issues, feel free to contact our Omni Tech Support desk. If you come across any Omni Tech Support scams while contacting us, please ignore them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 Gains More Users Than Windows 8

Even though Windows 8.1 was provided as a free update to the Windows 8 users, there was not much interest shown for the update. In fact, the user base for Windows 8.1 and 8 was pretty much the same. Now, there seems to be some change in these figures. More and more Windows 8 users, it seems, are now upgrading their OS and this has lead to Windows 8.1 gaining more users than Windows 8, though many OmniTech Support scams websites continue to display the outdated market share figures.

Free upgrade option encouraged the Windows 8 users

It is clear that with the upgrade option available for free, sooner or later, many more Windows 8 users would upgrade to Windows 8.1. In fact, Microsoft expects all Windows 8 users to make the upgrade before January 2016, when they will stop supporting Windows 8 altogether. In short, Windows 8.1 would be treated as a Service Pack update, which you would have to install to receive any future updates.

So, there is no surprise here that more and more Windows 8 users are now making use of the free upgrade options and switching to Windows 8.1. But, the total market share that both these versions represent does not seem to be growing at all. Microsoft knows this already, which was why they announced the release of the next generation OS and has already released a preview version for it.

It is clear that the only significant growth that Windows 8.1 would register in the coming few months would be by eating into the Windows 8 market share, for the reasons already mentioned above. Windows XP or Windows 7 users see no point in upgrading to Windows 8 and many users looking to buy new desktop or laptop computers are putting off the purchase until the release of Windows 10 OS.

With Windows 7 and Windows XP still reigning the Windows OS market share, these marginal increase in Windows 8.1 user base over that of Windows 8 is not at all relevant. In fact, even Microsoft has stopped claiming that Windows 8 or 8.1 sales are growing slowly, but steadily. With the release of Windows 10 next year, Windows 8 will join the Windows Vista club of failed Microsoft products.

There are all kinds of rumours posted online on various OmniTech Support scams websites about the Windows 10 features. For reliable information about the next generation Windows OS, there is no better source than the official OmniTech Support blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enable/Disable Enhanced Protection Mode In Internet Explorer

Latest IE (Internet Explorer) versions such as IE9, IE10 and IE11 are integrated with a security feature called Enhanced Protection Mode. The purpose of this mode is to enable the browser to diffuse the attacks and security threats from malwares. After you have enabled Enhanced Protection Mode in your IE browser, it will ensure that only the toolbars and add-ons that are compatible with the mode get loaded in your browser. Unfortunately, there are only a few toolbars that are compatible with IE’s Enhanced Protection Mode. If you want to load any toolbars or add-ons that do not work in Enhance Protection Mode, you have to disable the mode.

Once Enhanced Protection Mode is disabled, your IE browser will be capable of loading all toolbars and add-ons. Nonetheless, be reminded that disabling the mode will increase the security risks. Therefore, enable the mode once you are done with the purpose. The following steps explain how to disable Enhanced Protection Mode. Get in touch with our tech support desk or visit any of the online tech support forums to learn how to remove toolbars from IE.

  • Launch your IE web browser by double-clicking the IE icon on your desktop. If you haven’t created a desktop shortcut, go to Start button and choose Internet Explorer from the menu. 
  • Now, navigate to the Tools menu, which is located at the top of the screen and select the option titled Manage Add-ons. 
  • Locate any of the enabled add-ons from the add-ons list and highlight it. 
  • Select the Disable button to proceed. 
  • Click the button labelled Close to save the changes you have made in the IE settings and to exit the browser. 
If you decide to enable Enhanced Protection Mode later, you can do so by working out the following instructions.
  • Launch IE and navigate to the Tools button from the mail menu bar. 
  • Select Manage Add-ons option from the resulting menu. 
  • Now, locate the disabled add-ons that you wish to activate and highlight them one by one followed by clicking the Enable button. 
  • Once done, press the Close button to save the changes and exit the window. 
The above steps must have helped you enable/disable Enhanced Protection Mode in latest IE versions. If you want to remove toolbars or add-ons from your IE browser, locate them in the Manage add-ons dialogue box and click the Remove button instead of disable/enable.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clean Up The Ask Toolbar Mess From Your Computer

Removing a toolbar is never a simple task. A computer user, who uses different web browsers on a daily basis, would have used an Ask toolbar at some point.  Toolbars are generally introduced by software developer to assist the user in accessing various utilities. However, you might encounter certain toolbars, which often intrude into your computer, without your permission.  They perform bizarre activities on your system and annoy you like an adware.

Ask toolbar is one of these adware, which would intrude into your system during the installation of certain software programs.  Since the default settings of your system will be altered by Ask toolbar, removing them can turn out to be a headache, if you are a novice.

Most often, Ask toolbar takes control of your default home page and creates difficulty while browsing online.  You could make use of an Ask toolbar removal tool to uninstall this toolbar from your system. However, you could also accomplish this task by following certain steps manually. Let us try it out.

Get Ask toolbar removed from Internet Explorer
  • Click on Start button on your system and select Run.
  • In the Run window, type appwiz.cpl and select OK.
  • The programs installed will be listed on the screen and you need to select Ask Toolbar and then, select Remove. This will uninstall Ask toolbar from Internet Explorer.
Get Ask toolbar removed from Mozilla Firefox 
  • Open Mozilla Firefox and select Tools that you find on top of the window.
  • Choose Add-ons and this will open the list of toolbars installed.
  • Choose Ask toolbar from the list and select Disable or Uninstall button. This will help you to disable or get rid of Ask toolbar from your web browser.
The above given instructions are quite simple and they would help you uninstall Ask toolbar successfully. You can open your web browser and verify whether the toolbar is still present. If you find Ask toolbar again, you could use an Ask toolbar removal tool that would help you remove Ask toolbar completely from the system.  

Computers always face the risk of adware and spyware that could affect their overall performance. It is better to uninstall redundant toolbars from the system and this will help your system to work at a high speed. Folks, you can simply follow the above instructions and get rid of any of the nasty toolbars at the earliest.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Uninstalling Yahoo Toolbar Your System

Toolbars are software programs that are installed into web browsers as productivity enhancers. There are many toolbars available out there, that are extremely useful when it comes to enhancing internet search experience. It improves convenience of the users when it comes to surfing the internet. Toolbars from Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Babylon are some of the most popular browser add-ons today.

Nevertheless, no matter how useful a software program can be for most people, there are some, who do not desire having it installed in the system. A toolbar is no different. Sometimes, these toolbars may be installed in your system without your permission, or probably because of the fact that your overlooked the installation process.

This happens when the toolbar comes bundled with third party software you have installed in your system. If you were not paying attention, you can easily overlook a check mark next to recommended browser install with the third party software installation.

Apart from that, some toolbars make unsolicited changes to the browser settings such as changing the default search engine, alteration to the home page settings, etc. Moreover, you may not like the toolbar occupying too much space of your browser real estate either. Considering all these factors, many users find toolbars undesirable.

Yahoo Toolbar is one such an add-on, which although is very useful for enhancing the internet search process, makes some browser changes that may not be entirely acceptable to many users. This is why removing yahoo toolbar becomes necessary.

This article will guide you on removing yahoo toolbar from your computer. Here is how.

Windows XP

Go to Start button, and click on the Control Panel option from the pop-up menu. Thereafter, locate and click on Add or Remove Programs icon. Look for the unwanted toolbar on the resulting page, and click on the Uninstall button against it.

Windows 8 

Right click on the lower-left corner of your computer screen. Then, in the quick access menu, select Control Panel. Then, in the opened window, choose Uninstall a Program option. Now find the Yahoo toolbar entry, highlight it, and click Uninstall.

In order to avoid installing such annoying browser toolbars, you need to be cautious while downloading freeware applications. It is best to inspect each step in the download and installation process, and decline the possible of browser add-ons set up.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fixing The Os Issues In Windows Vista

Microsoft Vista is considered a failure, since it did not sell that much as Windows XP or its immediate successor, Windows 7. The latest figures put the Windows Vista user base lingering at 3% of the total operating system market. However, this 3% translates into thousands of users around the world.

About Windows Vista help and support services

Windows Vista is still in its Extended Support period. This means that Windows Vista users will continue to receive essential security updates until April 11, 2017. So, it might be a good idea to upgrade your system before this date, but until then, you can rely on the Microsoft tech support services to help you with any OS problems.

Microsoft has also included some options and features in the Vista operating system to take care of minor problems. One such Windows Vista help tool is the Problems Reports and Solutions utility. However, this option may not be activated in your Vista computer by default.

Just go to the Control Panel on your computer, select the option System and Maintenance, and click on Problem Reports and Solutions option. This will open the Problem Report and Solutions window on your computer screen. Here, you will find a list of OS problems and error reports generated during the system use so far. You can click on each of the listed error messages to view more details about them.

Use the option provided in the utility to find the solution to these problems and follow the instructions displayed by the wizard for fixing them. For example, after searching for a solution online, you may be asked to download and install a Microsoft Fix It tool to deal with the error. Just click on the link shown there and proceed as instructed.

You can also use the inbuilt Help and Support utility in Vista, which you can access from the Start Menu. There, you will find many helpful tutorials and troubleshooting steps to address many of the OS problems. You can use the links provided there for getting assistance from tech support personnel using Remote Access options in your OS as well.

Remember to keep the Automatic Error Reporting option in Windows Vista enabled by going through the Settings option at the Problem Reports and Solutions page. This will ensure that the error reports are sent to Microsoft server promptly for finding a solution.

Some Tips For Troubleshooting Windows 8

There is no need to dial the Windows support number for minor problems in your Windows 8 system. In fact, many issues in Windows 8 can be fixed by a simple system restart. When you restart the system, the OS will dump all the cache memory and start anew. If any corrupt or malicious file in the system memory was the reason for the error, then it will be simply deleted along with the reboot.

Fixing some of the Windows 8 OS problems on your own

In fact, even when you contact the tech support personnel through the Windows support number, the first thing they suggest is to restart the system. Similarly, you can do a bit of OS troubleshooting yourself without contacting the tech support team.

You can make use of the System Restore function in Windows 8 to take care of most of the OS problems. The System Restore performs the same way as it did in the old Windows versions. You can simply revert the system to an old time stamp and reverse the changes that are causing the error. The OS will automatically create a new restore point whenever you install a software application or update. You can also manually create one if you want.

Microsoft has included an additional Windows Help and Support app in Windows 8. This app contains all the useful information about common Windows 8 problems, along with detailed instructions and troubleshooting steps to deal with them. In most cases, accessing the app will provide you the solution you are looking for. You can then execute the apt steps and fix the problem easily.

Yet another option to deal with Windows 8 problems is to go to the Microsoft tech support website. This website is regularly updated with the latest articles from Microsoft. You can search and find solutions and fixes for most of the OS problems here.

The easiest method to find a solution to your Windows 8 problems is to use the link provided in the OS error message. A typical error message will contain details about the error, and a link to find the solution online. When you click on this link, the OS will report this error to the Microsoft server online and look for a solution.

These are just some solutions for fixing the OS problems in Windows 8. Remember to update your Windows 8 computer regularly. This will reduce the chances of OS problems in the future.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Get The Windows 8 UI For Free

The changes in the Windows 8 UI did not please most of the users. There are a number of posts in different blogs and website, where people have expressed their complaints about the changes in the new operating system. Microsoft has realized that the tile-based OS is not the OS that everybody likes; Many of them do not even want to know about the security features that are better than in the previous ones. Considering all these, Microsoft is planning to go back to its old UI.

If you are thinking about how to upgrade to Windows 8, here is a chance to try out Windows 8 UI at no charge. Checking out the demo model that is available in the stores is not the right option to get to know how Windows 8 works.

With the WinMetro app, you can try Windows 8 on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC at free of cost. WinMetro is a replica of the Windows 8 user interface, in which you would be able to check all the features such as the weather, date and time, stocks, news, apps, calendars and all other features that are used often.

The replica is not the exact UI but it has all features that are just enough help you know how the new OS UI would look like and the way it works. Before figuring out how to upgrade to Windows 8, you should check how it works.

Instructions for downloading the app

For downloading the program, visit the Winmetro download page. Here you would find a green button to download the app, click on it. There is a small header in the center of the page, under that you would find a link that says ‘Download Locations’. Click on the first option that says ‘Download@MajorGeeks’, this is supposed to initiate the download instantly.

You now have to open the file and execute it once and the download is complete. As it is with every other software program, you will have to accept the license agreement to start the process. At the end of the installation, the program would prompt you to install the antivirus software ‘Advanced System Care Ultimate’. In case you already have one, do not bother about it and click on ‘Finish’.

At the end of the installation, the program would launch automatically. When you are done with the testing, to close down the program, click on the X button on the top right corner.

Friday, July 18, 2014

System Requirements For Windows 8 Developer Preview

Happy news for all Windows 8 lovers. Microsoft has confirmed that users of Windows 7 and Vista would be able to install the Windows 8 developer preview on their existing computers. This would be a huge relief since they will be able to install the latest operating system on machines purchased three to four years back. Here we’ll discuss the system requirements for installation.

If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, then you need to make sure that your computer has the least Windows 8 requirements given below.
  • A One GHz or faster 32 or 64 bit processor.
  • A minimum of 1GB RAM or higher. If the processor is 32 bit, make sure that you do have 16 GB free space and if the processor is 64 bit, make sure that you have 64 GB free space.
  • A graphics device that support DirectX 9 with a WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. If you intend to use the new touch functionality in the operating system, make sure that you do have a touch screen display installed with the computer. However, this is not mandatory as you can use the operating system fine with a mouse, and non-touch display.
  • You need to make sure that the screen you have supports a resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher, as you will need it for working with the new Metro styled user interface.
If you have made sure that you do have the required Windows 8 requirements in your system, you can now proceed to download the developer preview version of the operating system. You will be able to choose from the three download options given below on the Microsoft store for Windows 8 developer preview.
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview with Developer Tools (64-bit) – Download 4.8GB
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview (64-bit) – Download 3.6GB
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview (32-bit) – Download 2.8GB
If you choose to install the developer tools version of the Windows 8 operating system, you will have the following developer tools.
  • Windows SDK (Software Development Kit) for helping you in creating Metro apps.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for working with Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Developer Preview version of Microsoft Expression Blend 5
  • 28 Metro style apps including the BUILD Conference app.
Hope that you now have some idea about the system requirements for installing the developer preview of Windows 8 operating system.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Is Windows 7 So Popular?

When Microsoft ended the services of Windows XP, the company had expected that the XP users would soon adopt the latest versions of the OS i.e. Windows 8 and 8.1. On the contrary, most Windows XP users switched over to Windows 7 and continued abandoning Windows 8. As the recent market updates say, the user market share of Windows 7 has soared to greater heights and is touching a phenomenal 50% as of now. Although the Windows 8 usage has also increased in this time period, the users share is just 15%.

According to the Windows 7 help and support team, many users prefer using Windows 7 due to the advanced and user-friendly options the operating system comprises of. Some of the benefits of using Windows 7 are as follows.


As compared to the earlier versions of Windows such as Vista and XP, the best aspect of Windows 7 is its amazing speed. The improved desktop responsiveness as well as the faster boot times is what make Windows 7 so endearing to the users.


The predecessor to Windows 7, Windows Vista, had garnered negative reviews for the constant incompatibility issues faced by its users. On the other hand, Windows 7 works well even on low-end hardware.

Search options

By far, the Windows Search option in Windows 7 OS is the most user-friendly option. In fact, the improved search tool in Windows 7 now rivals Mac OS X’s Spotlight option. Windows 7 users just need to type in the desired option and can easily find the search result almost immediately.

Organizing options

Windows 7 comprises of the Libraries option, which makes it easier to arrange the documents and folders in the computer. The Libraries, such as Documents and Pictures also enable the users to add multiple locations by themselves.

Task Bar

Although the Windows 7 task bar looks almost similar to that in Vista, the taskbar is more powerful and has got many interesting options. According to the Windows 7 help and support team, the taskbar icons are larger and the items are grouped together, which are not labeled with the text.

Now, if you have multiple Word documents, you would be able to access an option appearing on the task bar. Hover the mouse above this option and each Window will be available in a thumbnail.

These are some of the interesting features and benefits of using Windows 7 operating system. To get more information on the same, you may contact our technical support personnel.

How To Create And Use Templates In Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook provides numerous advanced options to the users to make the emailing experience more convenient. Also, Outlook serves as an excellent personal information manager for the users. The application stores the personal as well as contact information of the users securely in specific folders. There is also a dedicated technical support team by the name of Outlook help, which troubleshoots and fixes all the issues related to this application.

Sometimes, you might want to send the same email to the recipient that you might have sent a few days ago. According to the Outlook help and support team, sending the same message to the same recipient address is an easy process. These messages can include the same subject as well as the body text. For this, you require to save the message as an email template.

You can follow the instructions mentioned below to create and use email templates in your Microsoft Outlook application:

  • In the first step, you need to launch Outlook 2010 and then navigate to the Home tab. Now, click on New E-mail.
  • Next, you can compose an email and enter the recipients’ email addresses, subject as well as the main email body text. Now, you need to click on the File menu followed by the Save as option. From here, you need to choose the Outlook Template section and then name the specific template.
  • In order to use this template, you need to access the Developer tab. If you’re not able to find the Developer tab, you can go to the File menu and then click on Options. Now, you can go to the left pane and click on the Customize Ribbon and then enable the Developer check-box from the right-pane. Now, you can click OK to see the Developer tab on the ribbon.
  • In the next step, you can click on the Choose Form option to get the specific dialog. Now, click on User Templates in File System and navigate to the main dialog window. Here, you can choose the previously created template and then click on Open. 
  • Once you do this, the email template will get opened up immediately with the same subject, recipients email addresses, theme and email body text. Now, you can send this email template.

By following these steps, you can easily create and use email templates in Microsoft Outlook. To get more information on the features in Outlook, you may contact our technical support team.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Performing Outlook Contacts Recovery

The Outlook program provides the users an option to save the contact details of every person that they have an email transaction with. This helps the users keep an electronic backup of the contacts in the Outlook program. These contact details contain the Phone contacts together with all the information about the person like Name, Tile, Email address, Company details etc. However, there are many instances where the Outlook contacts get corrupted and you have to do an urgent Outlook address book recovery to get back the contacts.

Scenario For Outlook Contacts Corruption

When corruption of files occurs in the Outlook program, the .PST file is damaged and other details along with the email data such as tasks, contacts, notes etc are corrupted too. And when it comes to contacts, in a business front or even in the personal life, you will not be able to afford to lose them. While trying to access the corrupted file, you may come up with an error saying,

ERROR: "An unexpected error prevented access to this file"

Users of the Outlook program often come up with these sorts of issues where they are prohibited from opening contacts that are stored in the Outlook PST file due to the corruption in the PST file. In such a situation, the exact issue is with the contacts list. When the user tries to access the contacts, they either disappear randomly or become corrupt. At times, the problem is also associated with the Distribution list as they also disappear or become corrupt. In this situation, performing a recovery of the Outlook Address book is the only possible solution. Probable causes of the corruption are often connected to external devices like pen drives, external hard drives etc.

It can also be connected to network that can spread virus infections to the computer and thus infect the PST files that are present in the computer. You can do the following steps to overcome this situation.
  • Try running the scanpst.exe file on the corrupted PST file. If the corruption of the Outlook program is minor, this method can help you heal the PST file that contains your crucial contacts.
  • Delete and rebuild the Distribution Lists.
  • If you are having a backup of the contacts, you can restore it from the backup of the PST file.
These are the steps to do the Outlook contacts recovery. If you have any doubts, you can contact our tech support team.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get The Help Of An Expert For Windows Live Mail Support

Microsoft is popular for the release of many applications and is the leader in the computer related hardware and software market. One such application of Microsoft that helps to send and receive emails is Windows Live Mail, which is popular all over the world because of its outstanding features and functions. Generally, Windows Live Mail comes with Windows Vista operating system and is an alternative for the Outlook Express, which is found in the Windows XP OS.

However, like other software, Windows Live Mail also shows some problems at times and may need help to solve it. If you ever encounter any issues while working with Windows Live Mail, Microsoft has made the provision to contact the Windows Live support team, which will help a user to clear the issues very easily and without any problems. It actually consists of many experts who can help the users in creating a Windows Live Mail account and they will be able to provide the right tips if they encounter any issues while accessing the Windows Live Mail account. Now, let’s look at the various functions carried out by the Windows Live technical support team.
  • Helps to solve the error while sending and receiving emails 
  • Helps to troubleshoot Windows Live Mail easily 
  • Helps you to import contacts found in the Outlook Express 
  • Assist the users to install Windows Live Mail 
  • Helps for setting up several email account configurations like SMTP, POP, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, Yahoo mail, Gmail etc 
  • Helps the users to upgrade the Windows Live mail application 
  • Helps to restore the backups of the emails from outdated Windows Live mail versions to a latest one 
There are quite some features included with the current version of Windows Live Mail, which includes a new interface and a filter. The filter is provided in the Live mail application to block the spam messages that are coming in to your inbox and it provides greater reliability when working with large data files. Moreover, it also features a newsgroup and a phishing filter, which makes this application more preferable over other applications. However, you may need the help of the technical experts when dealing with the Windows Live Mail application.

If you are finding any difficulty while activating the security measures of the Windows Live Mail application, then it is better to contact the tech support team for help. This is because, it is the security that a user must focus on rather than cost. Therefore, to solve any issues with Windows Live Mail, you can feel free to contact the Windows Live support team for help. For more regarding this, visit the Microsoft support site.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Syncing Google Calendar With Outlook 2010

Outlook is the standard de-facto personal information manager used in most workplaces. It acts as an e-mail program using which you can send and receive e-mails and also lets you create and share a calendar through which you can create and view appointments and other tasks. In most workplaces, this feature is crucial system, without which the entire work place would come to halt.

Google also features a Calendar sync that features the same functionalities of Outlook Calendar. The dominance of Android smart phones made Google calendar extremely popular, because you can use this feature on the go! The beauty of this application is its compatibility with other popular applications like Outlook. Google Calendar Sync is Google’s official tool, using which you can sync Google Calendar events with Outlook.

Although Google Calendar Sync supports Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, it is yet to support Outlook 2010. However, you can work around this by tweaking the Outlook executable file to enable the sync feature.

If you want to tweak Outlook 2010 executable file, you can either contact our Outlook help desk or follow these step-by-step procedure:
  • Install Google Calendar Sync on your system by downloading the installer file from the Official Google Calendar website. Upon executing the installed file, it will display an error message, stating this application is only suitable with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.
  • Before proceeding any further, you will need to back up all your data so you don’t lose it if something goes wrong. The back-up executable file will be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14. Run the application and follow the instructions.
  • To change the version values of Outlook 2010, you need to install a Hex Editor. Once installed, drag the Outlook executable file into the Hex editor.
  • Press Ctrl + F, then type in 14.0.0 in the search panel and press Enter.
  • You will see a few lines of code, along with a highlighted text which contains your search string. Change the 14.0.0 to 12.0.0 using your keyboard.
  • When you are done, save the changes and close the Hex editor.
Once you have performed this minor tweak, run Google Calendar Sync by right-clicking the icon situated in the system tray and then clicking Sync. If you have followed the instructions to the word, you will notice Google Calendar Sync will automatically sync with the Outlook Calendar.

If you encounter any trouble with syncing, or have any queries, you can contact our Outlook help desk to get detailed information.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wait For Major Changes In Internet Explorer 11 With Windows Phone 8.1

The developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 is out in the market. According to Microsoft support site, one of the major enhancements, which come with Windows Phone 8.1, is the updates for Internet Explorer 11. The software giant says, "You may have been hearing bits and pieces of news about IE11 on Windows Phone 8.1, and we’re excited to share the full scoop on user experience improvements with you today! Our team has been laser focused on delivering a massive upgrade to four key areas of your browsing experience: quick site access, fast and fluid browsing, safety and privacy, and accessibility."

The above statement means that you could expect Internet Explorer loaded with features with this all new phone operating system. Some of the major improvements included in the browser are improved prediction of websites and quick access features for frequently accessed websites. You can also open as many tabs as you wish with the new browser, without the browser freezing or hanging.

The blog post of the company adds, "We are excited to announce that Internet Explorer 11 will sync your browsing data across phone, tablet, and PC. This includes your favorites, history, passwords, and open tabs. You can now quickly pick up where you left off when you switch devices, and finally say goodbye to emailing yourself links!" Many experts consider this an interesting feature since it will save the history of a website browsed with another device and this facilitates accessing this website with a lot of ease.

The browser also comes with data saving features. According to Microsoft support site, "We brought DataSense to IE on Windows Phone 8 to enable up to 40% more browsing with the same amount of data, and no noticeable difference in the browsing experience. This time, we are introducing High Savings Mode, which downloads only the most important pieces of the Web site and heavily compresses images."

With the new additions and features of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft hopes to put up a tough fight against its competitors like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is expected that Windows 8.1 will be out in the market by June 24. We will have to wait for a few more months until the operating system finally reaches us through some models. Since Microsoft now owns Nokia, we can expect many new models from the company with the Windows 8.1 operating system.

Microsoft Is Testing Out Their Skype Real Time Translator App

Microsoft is working on a real time translator app that will work smoothly with the Microsoft Live chat sessions on their Skype Messenger. Though we have many translator applications that do the text translation in chat conversations, there were no good voice-to-voice translator applications that would perform the job in real time.

Microsoft soon to release their Skype Translator app

Microsoft hopes to bridge this gap with their Microsoft Live chat translator. This is how it will work. Imagine you’re connecting to someone online on the Skype Messenger network, and they speak only French and you, only English. Now, using the Skype voice translator it is possible to have a live voice chat session with this contact by translating his voice data from French to English and yours, from English to French.

Microsoft actually demonstrated this new technology in a press conference a few months ago, where one of their executives used the Skype Translator to chat with a colleague in Germany. The German voice was translated in to English text as well as voice. And, the German executive was listening to the German-translated version of the voice from the executive talking in English.

The Skype Translator app also displayed the translated text on screen while transmitting the voice data. The demo garnered mixed reactions from the audience. As it happens, the German translation was not that great, according to a German member in the audience.

Clearly, Microsoft has to make a few tweaks to the program and get the translation right. The German-speaker who commented was of the opinion that such a crude German translation might not be suitable for business communications. If that is indeed the case, then Microsoft need to work on their translation engine used in this program.

According to Microsoft, they intend to break down the language barriers that exist in the online world, today. Tech experts point out that this involves the use of three technologies – speech recognition, text-to-speech conversion and also, language translation. The end product might not always be a 100%. The meaning intended in the original voice data might not always be correctly captured in the translated voice, especially when colloquialisms and slangs are used in the conversation.

But, Microsoft has clearly demonstrated that it is indeed possible to have a live voice-to-voice translated conversation using their app. Let us hope that the final version they will release in the next few months live up to the expectations.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Outlook Express Errors And Fixes

Outlook Express is an email client program, which comes preinstalled with various Microsoft operating systems like Windows 98 and Windows XP. Even though this email client is considered as highly efficient, you can encounter certain troubles occasionally. Some of the most common Outlook Express problems are failure to send and receive emails, freezing of the program, unable to download email attachments etc. Now, in this post, we will take you through some of the troubleshooting steps that you could try, to fix this issue.

Check Outlook Express Settings

The first step is to find out whether you have made any changes to the settings accidentally. Any small change with the settings can affect the email program. Therefore, launch the program and click the option Tools. Choose the option Accounts. From the various email accounts you have added in the program, click the one with which you encounter troubles and select the button Properties. This opens the window for the email properties. Click the tab Servers where you will find major settings for the email. Verify if the settings match with the ones provided by your service provider. Go to the Advanced tab and find out whether the port numbers entered for the incoming and outgoing mail servers are correct or not.

Scan the computer

If you find the Outlook Express program to be responding much slower than before, it could be due to a virus infection in your computer. Therefore, download an antivirus program and run a complete scan of your computer. If you have already installed an antivirus program, update it and run the scan.

Outlook Express Add-ins

Sometimes, an add-in in the program might be causing the troubles. Therefore, disable the add-ins one by one. This will help you to find out the corrupted one. Disable or remove the corrupted add-in permanently. If it is an important add-in, which you frequently use, reinstall it.

Registry scan

Corrupted registry entries can also create Outlook Express problems. Since, it is not an easy task to go through various registry entries and check for the corrupted entries, download a registry cleaner program from the internet. It is advised that you download a paid version of the program and not the free trial versions, so that you can avail all the features. Run the scan, fix the errors and restart your PC.

With the above steps, you can fix the errors with your Outlook Express program. For additional help, you may contact our technical support team.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How To Remove Outlook And Outlook Express From The Computer

Outlook and Outlook Express are email client programs from Microsoft. Majority of professionals around the world use Outlook or Outlook Express for their business communication purposes. Both these email client programs are easy to set up and have a simple interface. However, if you do not wish to use email client programs and like to stick on to the internet email account, it is advised that you remove Outlook and Outlook Express from the computer. This will help you save valuable space in the hard disk. In this post, we will take you through the steps to remove Outlook and Outlook Express from the computer.

Steps Involved
According to Outlook help desk, you can remove the Outlook program with a few steps. Outlook program will be listed among the other programs in the Add or Remove Programs window from where you can remove it. Let us go through the steps below.
  • Press the Windows logo on the keyboard to open the Start menu. 
  • In the Start menu, click Control Panel. 
  • Locate the icon Add/Remove Programs and double click it. 
  • From the list of programs in the window, click Microsoft Office. You will find two buttons next to the program, Change and Remove. Click the button Change. 
  • The above step will open a window for Microsoft Office Setup. Choose the option Add or Remove Features. 
  • Remove the check mark next to the program Microsoft Outlook and select the button Update. This will initiate the removal process.
As you might already know, Outlook Express is present as a default program in the Windows XP operating system. Therefore, it is one of the Windows Components and can be removed only with the help of the Windows Components Wizard. Let us now go through the steps involved in this process.
  • Open the Start button and click Control Panel.
  • Open the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel window.
  • Locate the button for Add or Remove Windows Components from the left pane of the window and select it.
  • From the list of programs, locate Outlook Express. Remove the check mark from the program.
  • Select the button Next. This will initiate the Outlook Express removal process.
  • Choose the button Finish when the process ends.
With the above steps, you can remove Outlook and Outlook Express programs from the computer. For further help, you may contact the Outlook help desk or our technical support team.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Final Version Of Windows Live SkyDrive Outwits Beta Version

Online storage facilities, or commonly known as cloud storage services, are rapidly replacing conventional storage options. It would be too outdated to imagine about conventional storage options after about a decade. Though Dropbox introduced online storage for the first time, many firms have started offering online storage services to users in the recent past. Today, there are numerous cloud storage services available for a user to choose from, many of which allow users to back up a certain amount of data online free of charge.

Although it came late, Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage facility with its Windows Live support options has significant appeal to the users.

Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive

The final version of Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive facility is out now. Reports indicate that the final version features many more options than the beta version. There has been a significant improvement of storage space. The beta version allowed users to store only up to 512 MB of data. When the final version came, the storage capacity was improved to 1GB. Interestingly, last year’s update upped the storage capacity again. Currently, Windows Live SkyDrive provides users with 5 GB of storage space. Although the storage space is less than Google Drive and other third party storage services, one must consider that the service is provided free of cost from the world’s number one software company.

SkyDrive available in many countries

Another good side of Microsoft’s SkyDrive is that it is available in many countries. According to the Windows Live Support team, the final version of SkyDrive is made available for 38 countries across the world. This is a significant improvement against the beta version. The beta version was made available for only three countries, UK, USA and India.

Final version of SkyDrive boasts increased reliability

The beta version of SkyDrive suffered a few drawbacks and many even considered it unreliable. Microsoft has addressed such issues in the new SkyDrive version, and assures users about the improvements brought up to the facility. A remarkable improvement that can be seen in SkyDrive is the smoothness and quickness in uploading data.

Microsoft has retained most of the appreciated features of the SkyDrive beta version in the final version. Options to integrate with popular Windows Live services and ability to create private or public folders are examples for the popular features retained in the final SkyDrive version.