Monday, March 31, 2014

How To Send Emails From Any Connection In Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is the most used version of the email client program Outlook. It is widely used by people all over the world for managing their emails accounts. One of the major Outlook problems with the program is that when you take the computer or laptop elsewhere and when you try to send messages from the Outlook program using that network, you will not be able to send it. This is mainly happening as the server settings configured with the Outlook program are for the home network. However, if you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to send and receive emails using any connection in the Outlook program.


  • If you have multiple email accounts configured with the Outlook 2007 application, you would need to follow the simple instructions given here for each one of them separately. 
  • Open the Outlook email manager program and then click on the Tools menu found at the top of the application window and then click on the Account Settings tab found in the drop down menu.
  • Now the Outlook program will show you the list of all email accounts that you have configured with the program. Select the account that you wish to change from the list of available options and click on the button labeled as Change. 
  • Look for the option named More Settings and click on it when found for viewing more Outlook setting options. 
  • Now you will be able to see details about server settings. Put a check mark in the check box found next to the option labeled as My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. 
  • Now you will be able to see an option labeled as Use same settings as my incoming mail server found in the page below the previous option. 
  • Click on the Next button for completing the edit process and to save the changes made with the program. 
  • Follow the simple steps given above for making other email accounts to work well when connected to a network other than your home network.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to fix all the Outlook problems related to connections. You will be able to access the internet from now on and send/receive emails from any connection. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Availability Of HopTo App A Boon For IPad Users

Apple iPad is a very popular and familiar tablet that customers use that provides great functionality and packs in a heavy performance. In this modern era, the Apple iPad has found much followers and even computer users are slowly shifting towards the use of the IPad. Vivid iPad apps are available that suit users of all types. Microsoft Office for Apple iPad is still a long endless wait. The endless wait for customers however has some relief, as the new HopTo app is now available.

What does the app do?

Excel spreadsheets and Word documents can be edited, viewed and created with ease. PowerPoint presentations can be viewed easily and the feature for editing presentations is coming soon.

SkyDrive support in the works

The provision for viewing PNGs, TIFs, PDFs, and animated GIFs is possible. Listening to music formats such as iTunes M4A files, MP3s etc is possible. From cloud services like Google drive and Dropbox, easy access of documents and files can be done. Microsoft SkyDrive support is also in the works. By using a File Connector program, you will be able to avail files present in the computer. Flawlessly the program performs on Windows OS running PCs and the support for MAC PCs is in the works.

Use an external keyboard

While accessing Excel or Word documents, the file will be visible and at the end of the screen, the formatting toolbar is present. The necessary commands and features are available in the formatting toolbar. For users familiar with the IPad, they know that a large area is consumed by the on screen keyboard. However, that does not mean that the entire document gets covered. You will still be able to see some sections of the documents. Availing an external keyboard is a wiser choice.

Create new documents

On the screen's top right corner, a plus button is available. The function of this button is to make a new Excel or Word document. The recent files are listed accordingly so that there is no difficulty in finding out the files. Searching is made all the more simpler and efficient with the search feature that is available.

Users may experience technical issues or doubts with Microsoft Office products and they may require the essential help. By contacting Microsoft help line, users may avail the necessary help. The Microsoft help line number may be availed by searching for the same in the internet.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Power Game Set To Launch In Windows 8

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 8 and they introduced this operating system mainly for touch screen devices. With this release, Microsoft is planning to release various apps and games for various Windows 8 devices. As a part of it, a board game that was popular in the seventies called the Power Game created by Brian McCarthy is all set to be launched in the Windows 8 platform.

In old days, the particular board game was a big hit, more than 4 million copies were sold, and this game is found to be a substitute for the game Chess. This game is a multiplayer strategy board game just like chess but the rules are completely different from it. Only four rules are there in this particular game and this gives an easy chance to learn and understand the game within seconds.

At the beginning, eight opposing cogs are laid out to each player and the cogs are moved around the board in order to turn your rival’s master gear clockwise.  You can even turn your opponents own cog against him. In fact, this was in the old version. However, the new digital version of this game does not need pieces and boards even though the concept is same in both versions. Moreover, the users can play this game in three different modes like single player, multi-player and online player. Thus, there is no need of another person to play this game in digital media.

The new digital version of the Power game will be available for download in eight different languages and Windows users can download this game from the Windows Store through various Windows 8 devices like Windows phone 8, Windows 8 PC’s, and Surface RT. Brian McCarthy, who was the creator of this game, claims that playing this game in digital media is more interesting than the previous one.

A new payment model was introduced by Microsoft for this game and they claim that this will be really shockproof. An ad-supported and an ad-free version of this game can be downloaded free from the Windows Store. For gaining more personalized experience, it is possible to change the background, master gears, and cogs in the free version whereas the paid version features unlimited bolts for €20. This will in turn open additional backgrounds and themes.

After installing the app, make sure that you reboot Windows 8 before playing it for the first time. To reboot Windows 8, push the power button in the CPU.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Setting The Calendar Visibility In Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook is a productivity program that comes integrated with Microsoft Office suite and provides many features and functions to the users. This application helps people in both personal as well as business uses. Moreover, it is possible to set the visibility of your Outlook calendar by making small changes in the Outlook settings, Well, given below are some easy instructions that will help you to set up the visibility of the Calendar in Outlook 2007.

Sharing Calendar with Specific Users

  • From the Outlook navigation pane, select the option called Calendar and click the option called Share My Calendar. 
  • Within the To box of the message window that appears on the screen, you need to type the name of the user whom you want to share the calendar with. A sharing invitation will be received by the recipient, which will help him to give access to your Outlook calendar. 
  • In the text box called Subject, you need to enter a subject line. 
  • Do not forget to put a tick mark to the box that is seen adjacent to Allow recipient to view your Calendar. To ask the recipient for access to their calendar, put a check mark to the box that is seen next to Request permission to view recipient's calendar. 
  • If you desire to include a message, then it is needed to be entered in the body of the message window. 
  • To send the request, you need to click the option called Send; before sending, it is best to review the information provided in the window for confirmation. If the information entered is correct, you can click the button called OK. 
Sharing with all users
  • From the navigation pane, you need to right click on the icon called Calendar and from the popup menu that appears, you need to select the option called Change Sharing Permissions. 
  • From the window that opens, you need to click the tab called Permissions. 
  • From the Name box of the tab called Permissions, you need to select the option called Default. 
  • From the list shown under Permissions, it is necessary to select a Permission level. Choosing the Reviewer permission level will help the users to view your calendar but will deny access for editing it. If you want others to see and edit your calendar, you need to choose the Owner permission level. 
Therefore, by making a slight change in the Outlook settings, it is possible to set the Calendar visibility in Microsoft Outlook 2007. To know more, contact the Outlook customer support center.

Monday, March 24, 2014

About Setting Up Gmail In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook can be configured to setup email accounts offered by third party email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or the Microsoft email service When Outlook is configured to set up third party email accounts it requires the correct POP3 or IMAP settings to access the servers of these email service providers in order to establish communication with them. This article looks at the steps for configuring Microsoft Outlook application to set up Gmail account in it.

Outlook email setup instructions
  • Launch your Microsoft Outlook application by double-clicking on the Outlook icon on the desktop. 
  • When the application is loaded, navigate to the section titled Tools and choose Email Accounts from the dropdown menu. This will pop up a new screen with an option saying Add a new email account. Click on this option followed by Next to continue. 
  • The next section requires you to provide the server details. Choose IMAP or POP3 as the type your Outlook email account and proceed by clicking the Next button. 
  • The following screen requires you to provide your Gmail account settings. Gather your Gmail account settings details such as username, password, display name, server details and server port details. If you are not sure of any of these details, contact the Gmail customer care for the same. 
  • Type your name and Gmail address in the ‘User details’ section. 
  • In the ‘server details’ field, type the incoming and outgoing mail server details of Gmail service. You may contact the Gmail support for the correct settings. 
  • Next is ‘Logon details’ field. This section requires you to provide your Gmail username and password. After entering the details, select the box titled ‘Remember password’. Leave this box unchecked if you do not want Outlook to remember your password. This is recommended if your PC is shared by multiple users. 
  • After that, select the button titled More settings and choose the advanced tab in it. 
  • Specify the port numbers for the incoming as well as Outgoing mail servers in this section. Also, select the checkbox that says This server requires an encrypted connection. 
  • Next, click the Test account option. Outlook will verify the account settings details you have provided and send you a confirmation message if it succeeds in connecting to the server and establishing the connection. 
You have now successfully configured your Outlook email setup settings for Gmail.

Tips For Transferring Videos And Photos From iPhone To Windows 8

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 8 and it is an operating system that is mainly intended for touch screen devices. This operating system is blended with many exciting features and functions especially in the case of Windows 8 transfer. It is possible to transfer media files including photos and videos captured in an iPhone to a Windows 8 computer.

With the inbuilt iSight camera available in the iPhone, it is possible for users to take great photos and videos. These photos and videos will be of high definition clarity and provide excellent clarity. However, the only drawback associated with the iPhone is the lack of storage space and there is no option for the users to expand the storage memory. Here comes the need for transferring the photos and videos from your iPhone to Windows 8.

Transferring media files from iPhone to Windows 8 is an easy process and can be done within a matter of seconds. Follow the below provided steps to accomplish the same.
  • By using the USB data cord, you need to connect your iPhone to a Windows 8 PC or a laptop.
  • From your Windows desktop, you need to double click on the option called Computer.
  • Under the Devices with Removable Storage section, you will see your iPhone listed. Right click on the name of your iPhone, followed by clicking the option called Import pictures and videos.
  • If needed, you can choose a tag and start importing your photos and videos from your IPhone to Windows 8 by clicking the option called Import.
More Windows 8 transfer tips
  • The photos and videos that exist in your iPhone are copied to the Windows 8 in the My Pictures library by default. After copying, it is necessary to go through the folder to check whether the files are copied or not.
  • The user will not be able to transfer the media files that are downloaded or synchronized from iTunes. This is because importing of files synchronized using iTunes are not allowed to be imported from iPhone to a Windows PC. However, if you need to transfer synced media files back to the PC in the folder named iPhone Photo Library, which was synced previously from your Computer to iPhone through iTunes, you can use a special photo transfer tool for iPhone.
The above described Windows 8 transfer tips will help you to transfer Videos and Photos from iPhone to Windows 8.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guidelines For Removing The Babylon Toolbar From Your System

If you are a regular internet user, you might have had to remove the annoying Babylon toolbar from your web browser. Babylon toolbar is web browser add-on offered by the, a popular website that offers language translation service. Although the toolbar is designed to help internet users enjoy the services of, it does more harm than good.

Once the toolbar is installed on your web browser, it changes your home page and the default search engine and replaces them with the Babylon home page or search engine. After that, all your search results mostly would be unrelated to what you really searched for. For instance, if you search for Windows OS or Microsoft services, you might get search results that have nothing to do with your search topic. Often these search results would be the links to malware sites. This would result in your PC getting infected.

About Babylon toolbar removal

Getting rid of Babylon toolbar can be frustrating because you are likely to see the toolbar again even after removing it from the web browser and Control panel. To get rid of the toolbar for good, you need to try three different methods, remove it from the Control Panel, remove it from the Web browser and then run a toolbar remover application.

To remove Babylon toolbar from the Control Panel

Perhaps you have already done this step to remove the toolbar. You can remove the toolbar from Control Panel in the same way as you would remove other programs or apps.
  • Go to the Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs icon in the window.
  • Highlight Babylon toolbar in the add/remove programs window.
  • Click the remove/uninstall button and follow the on-screen directions to complete the un-installation.
  • You may be prompted to restart your computer.
Now, you need to remove the toolbar from your default web browser. The steps vary from browser to browser. Usually, the toolbar can be located in the Add-ons and toolbars section in the web browser settings. After removing the toolbar from the web browser, run an authentic web browser remover tool.

The above three methods would definitely be helpful for Babylon toolbar removal. Contact the tech support desk of the web browser to learn how to remove any other toolbar from the application.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gmail IMAP Slow Or Unresponsive In Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most used email client across the globe. The reason for that is obvious, as it has multitude of features that can be utilized by users. It is a perfect personal information manager.

Outlook 2010 is one of the latest Outlook editions. If you have used Outlook 2010 with IMAP for your e-mail service with Gmail, you would have noticed how irritatingly slow and unresponsive Outlook 2010 can be at times. This can continue for some time. Fortunately, you need to stay there and do nothing; a few steps can be taken to ensure better quality of service, when using Gmail or Google Apps through Outlook 2010 with IMAP. Here are the methods or procedures you can follow to fix such Outlook problems.

Method 1: Unsubscribe The Gmail All Mail folder

With this option enabled, everything was being synced two times, so it was no wonder the application was running slow. You need to click on the inbox folder of the account you want to unsubscribe All Mail for, and follow the below steps.
  • At first, you need to click on the Folder tab at the top of the Microsoft ribbon in Outlook 2010.
  • Click on the IMAP Folders button in the middle of the ribbon.
  • After that, you can change the middle box from All, and then click Subscribed, then click on query
  • You can highlight at least the All Mail folder, and then click on Unsubscribe. You could do this to as many folders as you want to unsubscribe for.
Method 2: Two copies of all sent mail?

You need to make sure you disable Outlook’s feature which saves mail in the sent folder. The thing here is that Gmail already does this so you get duplicate sent messages. Here are the instruction steps to be followed for resolving this issue.
  • You need to click on the file menu in Outlook 2010.
  • After that, you can click on Account Settings.
  • After that, you need to highlight the account you want to change, and select Change. Then click More Settings in the box that appears.
  • Finally, under the Sent Items tab, you can select Do not save copies of sent items.
We hope that the above articles helped in resolving the problem with tardy IMAP functioning in Outlook. Call our tech support and they’ll help you out with more such DIY instructions solving Outlook Problems.

How To Repair Autocomplete Cache In Outlook 2010

The most popular email client of Microsoft is Microsoft Outlook and it is an application that provides a wide variety of features for the Windows users. In fact, this application is not only compatible with Windows OSs but it also works well with other OSs like Mac and Android. Many versions of Outlook have been released and the one that was released before Outlook 2013 is Microsoft Outlook 2010.

By using this popular email client of Microsoft, a user will be able to send and receive email messages and it will make the communication a lot easier. Other features associated with Outlook are Contacts, Task Manager, Scheduler etc, making it more popular among the users.

Like other applications, the Outlook 2010 also has many bugs and issues. In many cases, while operating with Outlook 2010, the users will experience a problem where the mailbox associated with Outlook/Exchange 2010 will become corrupted or damaged. As a result, when composing a new email message, the Autocomplete feature will not appear in Outlook. The Outlook makes a temporary Autocomplete list of your session; however, it will be deleted once you exit the application.

This issue can be resolved very easily and it only requires emptying the cache associated with exchange server. Here are some techniques that you should adopt to conduct the Outlook repair when the Autocomplete feature is not working.

Check if Autocomplete addresses are still present or not

It is from the email addresses in the fields To, Cc, and Bcc of a sent message that the Autocomplete cache is built. A similar copy of the contact will be saved in the Suggested Contacts folder and you need to check whether this folder exists or not in the mailbox. This is because, at the end of the procedure, the Autocomplete cache needs to be repopulated.

Delete mailbox-based and local Autocomplete cache
  • Exit from Outlook and from %homepath%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache, delete the local Autocomplete cache.
  • Use the command line called switch /cleanautocompletecache and restart Outlook. As a result, the server-based copy of Autocomplete will be deleted.
Repopulating Autocomplete cache
  • Start by creating a new blank message and set the date for sending the email for the next day or after. This will prevent the sending of a blank email message.
  • The full contents of the folder called Suggested Contacts needs to be added to the field called To, Cc, or Bcc.
  • Next, click the button called Send. Now, Autocomplete cache will populate.
  • At last, you need to delete the send message that is queued from the Outbox.
The above said techniques will help you to conduct Outlook repair of Autocomplete Cache in Outlook 2010. To know more about this, contact Outlook tech support center.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rectifying Problems In Installing Windows XP Service Pack 3

Installing a Service Pack for Windows XP ensures that the operating system is updated with all the latest patches and helps it run without any flaws due to obsolete software components. Microsoft also includes numerous security updates in the Service Pack to keep the system protected against new vulnerabilities and aid in its proper functioning.

Some users cite problems in downloading the latest Service Pack 3 for Windows XP and installing the software in their computer. Windows tech support site highlights that such issues usually occur due to low hard disk space, incompatible wireless network adapter, and outdated patches like Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit or Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) 6.0 MUI pack. Sometimes, the antivirus protection installed in Windows XP also restricts the Service Pack 3 installation.

Follow the below given set of instructions to troubleshoot the issues while installing Service Pack 3 on your Windows XP computer.

Steps to follow
  • Open a web browser in your computer and go to the Windows Service Pack website. Verify whether you already have the latest Service Pack version installed on your computer. If there is no updated version of the Service Pack for your system, close the web browser and install all the recommended and important updates via the Windows Update Center.
  • You can also check the Service Pack version installed on your computer by viewing the details in the System Properties dialogue box. Right click on the My Computer icon on the desktop of your computer and click on Properties for the purpose, move on to the General tab, and check the information listed under the System section.
  • If there is no Service Pack installed in your Windows XP system, download any of the previous versions of the software, as installing the latest Service Pack requires the system to be already equipped with any previous version. 
  • Disable the anti virus protection and Windows Firewall on your computer temporarily and download the Service Pack 3 on your computer. The latest Service Pack software is compatible with a 32-bit processor. 
  • Make sure that your network adapter is compatible with Service Pack 3, and you have at least 1.5 GB hard disk space free on your computer before downloading the software.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Service Pack on your computer and complete the procedure. Restart your computer and enable the anti-malware software, after verifying that the Service Pack has been successfully installed. If you still face troubles in installing Service Pack 3 on your Windows XP computer, contact our Windows tech support team for assistance.

Windows 8.1 Users To Receive Nvidia And AMD Driver Updates

Gaming enthusiasts and Windows 8.1 users can now make use of the latest drivers from AMD and GeForce. AMD has released AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta driver for the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. These Windows 8 drivers will help you enhance your gaming experience. With this new beta driver from AMD, users can now play games like Battlefield 4, Saints Row 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist, FIFA 14, Total War Rome 2 etc. on their Windows 8.1 PCs.

The new beta driver released by GeForce is GeForce 331.40. With the new driver, the PCs will now support Open GL4.4. In addition, the existing SLI profiles associated with various games like Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Dirty Bomb, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Drying Light, F1 2013 will be either updated or added.

With the new update, AMD intends to address other issues like those associated with image corruption. The new updates also bring users other enhancements like the CrossFire frame pacing. This is intended for CPU related applications and for fixing issues associated with Autodesk Inventor 2014. The new update is also released to fix black screen issues found on screen when you unplug the display.

Some of the important features of AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta are listed below.
  • The first feature is that the new drivers have a 32-bit graphical processing unit and the Battlefield 4 game profile. 
  • Many frame-pacing enhancements are included with the new drivers. 
  • The CrossFire scaling has gone up to twenty percent. This also fixes most of the corruption issues occurring during the game. 
  • You will have an updated profile in Saints Row 4. 
  • The CrossFire Scaling associated with Metro Last Night is increased by ten percent. 
  • The games that will see frame pacing enhancements are Sniper Elite, May Payne 3, Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Metro Last Night and Tomb Raider. 
  • The various AMD hardware intended for the new drivers are AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 7000M Series, AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000M Series, AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6000M Series etc. 
  • The system requirements to run these drivers are all Windows 8.1 versions. You can run it on both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions. 
For additional information on these Windows 8 drivers, you may contact the AMD support center or our technical support team. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Know More On WCF Data Services 5.6

Microsoft has recently released the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services 5.6. This service has the support for Visual Studio 2013, direct support for Entity Framework 6+ and portable libraries. The support for Visual Studio 2013 means that the user can get Add Service Reference support for OData so that the users can consume the OData Services. The OData or Open Data Protocol is the data-sharing standard that makes it easy to share the data between data producers and consumers services.

The client-side services now have portable library support, so that the users can use the latest JSON format in Windows Store apps and Windows Phone. The core libraries provide portable library support for .NET 4.0, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, and the Windows Store apps. The WCF DS client offers portable library support for NET 4.5, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, and Windows Store apps. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft support services.

One important improvement that is missing in the latest version is that the work on making the providers public has been reverted. As per the WCF Data Services Blog, “We hoped to make it possible to override the behavior of included providers with respect to properties that don’t have native support in OData v3, for instance enum and spatial properties. Unfortunately we ran into some non-trivial bugs with $select and $orderby and needed to cut the feature for this release.”

The work on making the providers public has now enabled the team to release a WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider as an out of band provider that bridges the gap between Entity Framework 6+ and WCF Data Services 5.6.0. A pre-release version has been released as the NuGet package. Until now, the WCF Data Service stack needed all the OData services using to inherit from the DataService. The data service would decide whether the service should make use of in-box EF provider, a custom provider, or the in-box Reflection provider. When the support was added for EF 6, Microsoft made use of the new public provider functionality that was added in the EF6 that allows the provider to ship differently.

If you wish to know more on the Windows Communication Foundation 5.6 with JSON support, you can contact the Microsoft support services. You can also visit the official website of Microsoft corporation to know more updates and news on the WCF Data Services 5.6.