Friday, July 18, 2014

System Requirements For Windows 8 Developer Preview

Happy news for all Windows 8 lovers. Microsoft has confirmed that users of Windows 7 and Vista would be able to install the Windows 8 developer preview on their existing computers. This would be a huge relief since they will be able to install the latest operating system on machines purchased three to four years back. Here we’ll discuss the system requirements for installation.

If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, then you need to make sure that your computer has the least Windows 8 requirements given below.
  • A One GHz or faster 32 or 64 bit processor.
  • A minimum of 1GB RAM or higher. If the processor is 32 bit, make sure that you do have 16 GB free space and if the processor is 64 bit, make sure that you have 64 GB free space.
  • A graphics device that support DirectX 9 with a WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. If you intend to use the new touch functionality in the operating system, make sure that you do have a touch screen display installed with the computer. However, this is not mandatory as you can use the operating system fine with a mouse, and non-touch display.
  • You need to make sure that the screen you have supports a resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher, as you will need it for working with the new Metro styled user interface.
If you have made sure that you do have the required Windows 8 requirements in your system, you can now proceed to download the developer preview version of the operating system. You will be able to choose from the three download options given below on the Microsoft store for Windows 8 developer preview.
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview with Developer Tools (64-bit) – Download 4.8GB
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview (64-bit) – Download 3.6GB
  • Windows 8 Developer Preview (32-bit) – Download 2.8GB
If you choose to install the developer tools version of the Windows 8 operating system, you will have the following developer tools.
  • Windows SDK (Software Development Kit) for helping you in creating Metro apps.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for working with Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Developer Preview version of Microsoft Expression Blend 5
  • 28 Metro style apps including the BUILD Conference app.
Hope that you now have some idea about the system requirements for installing the developer preview of Windows 8 operating system.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Is Windows 7 So Popular?

When Microsoft ended the services of Windows XP, the company had expected that the XP users would soon adopt the latest versions of the OS i.e. Windows 8 and 8.1. On the contrary, most Windows XP users switched over to Windows 7 and continued abandoning Windows 8. As the recent market updates say, the user market share of Windows 7 has soared to greater heights and is touching a phenomenal 50% as of now. Although the Windows 8 usage has also increased in this time period, the users share is just 15%.

According to the Windows 7 help and support team, many users prefer using Windows 7 due to the advanced and user-friendly options the operating system comprises of. Some of the benefits of using Windows 7 are as follows.


As compared to the earlier versions of Windows such as Vista and XP, the best aspect of Windows 7 is its amazing speed. The improved desktop responsiveness as well as the faster boot times is what make Windows 7 so endearing to the users.


The predecessor to Windows 7, Windows Vista, had garnered negative reviews for the constant incompatibility issues faced by its users. On the other hand, Windows 7 works well even on low-end hardware.

Search options

By far, the Windows Search option in Windows 7 OS is the most user-friendly option. In fact, the improved search tool in Windows 7 now rivals Mac OS X’s Spotlight option. Windows 7 users just need to type in the desired option and can easily find the search result almost immediately.

Organizing options

Windows 7 comprises of the Libraries option, which makes it easier to arrange the documents and folders in the computer. The Libraries, such as Documents and Pictures also enable the users to add multiple locations by themselves.

Task Bar

Although the Windows 7 task bar looks almost similar to that in Vista, the taskbar is more powerful and has got many interesting options. According to the Windows 7 help and support team, the taskbar icons are larger and the items are grouped together, which are not labeled with the text.

Now, if you have multiple Word documents, you would be able to access an option appearing on the task bar. Hover the mouse above this option and each Window will be available in a thumbnail.

These are some of the interesting features and benefits of using Windows 7 operating system. To get more information on the same, you may contact our technical support personnel.

How To Create And Use Templates In Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook provides numerous advanced options to the users to make the emailing experience more convenient. Also, Outlook serves as an excellent personal information manager for the users. The application stores the personal as well as contact information of the users securely in specific folders. There is also a dedicated technical support team by the name of Outlook help, which troubleshoots and fixes all the issues related to this application.

Sometimes, you might want to send the same email to the recipient that you might have sent a few days ago. According to the Outlook help and support team, sending the same message to the same recipient address is an easy process. These messages can include the same subject as well as the body text. For this, you require to save the message as an email template.

You can follow the instructions mentioned below to create and use email templates in your Microsoft Outlook application:

  • In the first step, you need to launch Outlook 2010 and then navigate to the Home tab. Now, click on New E-mail.
  • Next, you can compose an email and enter the recipients’ email addresses, subject as well as the main email body text. Now, you need to click on the File menu followed by the Save as option. From here, you need to choose the Outlook Template section and then name the specific template.
  • In order to use this template, you need to access the Developer tab. If you’re not able to find the Developer tab, you can go to the File menu and then click on Options. Now, you can go to the left pane and click on the Customize Ribbon and then enable the Developer check-box from the right-pane. Now, you can click OK to see the Developer tab on the ribbon.
  • In the next step, you can click on the Choose Form option to get the specific dialog. Now, click on User Templates in File System and navigate to the main dialog window. Here, you can choose the previously created template and then click on Open. 
  • Once you do this, the email template will get opened up immediately with the same subject, recipients email addresses, theme and email body text. Now, you can send this email template.

By following these steps, you can easily create and use email templates in Microsoft Outlook. To get more information on the features in Outlook, you may contact our technical support team.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Performing Outlook Contacts Recovery

The Outlook program provides the users an option to save the contact details of every person that they have an email transaction with. This helps the users keep an electronic backup of the contacts in the Outlook program. These contact details contain the Phone contacts together with all the information about the person like Name, Tile, Email address, Company details etc. However, there are many instances where the Outlook contacts get corrupted and you have to do an urgent Outlook address book recovery to get back the contacts.

Scenario For Outlook Contacts Corruption

When corruption of files occurs in the Outlook program, the .PST file is damaged and other details along with the email data such as tasks, contacts, notes etc are corrupted too. And when it comes to contacts, in a business front or even in the personal life, you will not be able to afford to lose them. While trying to access the corrupted file, you may come up with an error saying,

ERROR: "An unexpected error prevented access to this file"

Users of the Outlook program often come up with these sorts of issues where they are prohibited from opening contacts that are stored in the Outlook PST file due to the corruption in the PST file. In such a situation, the exact issue is with the contacts list. When the user tries to access the contacts, they either disappear randomly or become corrupt. At times, the problem is also associated with the Distribution list as they also disappear or become corrupt. In this situation, performing a recovery of the Outlook Address book is the only possible solution. Probable causes of the corruption are often connected to external devices like pen drives, external hard drives etc.

It can also be connected to network that can spread virus infections to the computer and thus infect the PST files that are present in the computer. You can do the following steps to overcome this situation.
  • Try running the scanpst.exe file on the corrupted PST file. If the corruption of the Outlook program is minor, this method can help you heal the PST file that contains your crucial contacts.
  • Delete and rebuild the Distribution Lists.
  • If you are having a backup of the contacts, you can restore it from the backup of the PST file.
These are the steps to do the Outlook contacts recovery. If you have any doubts, you can contact our tech support team.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get The Help Of An Expert For Windows Live Mail Support

Microsoft is popular for the release of many applications and is the leader in the computer related hardware and software market. One such application of Microsoft that helps to send and receive emails is Windows Live Mail, which is popular all over the world because of its outstanding features and functions. Generally, Windows Live Mail comes with Windows Vista operating system and is an alternative for the Outlook Express, which is found in the Windows XP OS.

However, like other software, Windows Live Mail also shows some problems at times and may need help to solve it. If you ever encounter any issues while working with Windows Live Mail, Microsoft has made the provision to contact the Windows Live support team, which will help a user to clear the issues very easily and without any problems. It actually consists of many experts who can help the users in creating a Windows Live Mail account and they will be able to provide the right tips if they encounter any issues while accessing the Windows Live Mail account. Now, let’s look at the various functions carried out by the Windows Live technical support team.
  • Helps to solve the error while sending and receiving emails 
  • Helps to troubleshoot Windows Live Mail easily 
  • Helps you to import contacts found in the Outlook Express 
  • Assist the users to install Windows Live Mail 
  • Helps for setting up several email account configurations like SMTP, POP, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, Yahoo mail, Gmail etc 
  • Helps the users to upgrade the Windows Live mail application 
  • Helps to restore the backups of the emails from outdated Windows Live mail versions to a latest one 
There are quite some features included with the current version of Windows Live Mail, which includes a new interface and a filter. The filter is provided in the Live mail application to block the spam messages that are coming in to your inbox and it provides greater reliability when working with large data files. Moreover, it also features a newsgroup and a phishing filter, which makes this application more preferable over other applications. However, you may need the help of the technical experts when dealing with the Windows Live Mail application.

If you are finding any difficulty while activating the security measures of the Windows Live Mail application, then it is better to contact the tech support team for help. This is because, it is the security that a user must focus on rather than cost. Therefore, to solve any issues with Windows Live Mail, you can feel free to contact the Windows Live support team for help. For more regarding this, visit the Microsoft support site.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Syncing Google Calendar With Outlook 2010

Outlook is the standard de-facto personal information manager used in most workplaces. It acts as an e-mail program using which you can send and receive e-mails and also lets you create and share a calendar through which you can create and view appointments and other tasks. In most workplaces, this feature is crucial system, without which the entire work place would come to halt.

Google also features a Calendar sync that features the same functionalities of Outlook Calendar. The dominance of Android smart phones made Google calendar extremely popular, because you can use this feature on the go! The beauty of this application is its compatibility with other popular applications like Outlook. Google Calendar Sync is Google’s official tool, using which you can sync Google Calendar events with Outlook.

Although Google Calendar Sync supports Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, it is yet to support Outlook 2010. However, you can work around this by tweaking the Outlook executable file to enable the sync feature.

If you want to tweak Outlook 2010 executable file, you can either contact our Outlook help desk or follow these step-by-step procedure:
  • Install Google Calendar Sync on your system by downloading the installer file from the Official Google Calendar website. Upon executing the installed file, it will display an error message, stating this application is only suitable with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.
  • Before proceeding any further, you will need to back up all your data so you don’t lose it if something goes wrong. The back-up executable file will be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14. Run the application and follow the instructions.
  • To change the version values of Outlook 2010, you need to install a Hex Editor. Once installed, drag the Outlook executable file into the Hex editor.
  • Press Ctrl + F, then type in 14.0.0 in the search panel and press Enter.
  • You will see a few lines of code, along with a highlighted text which contains your search string. Change the 14.0.0 to 12.0.0 using your keyboard.
  • When you are done, save the changes and close the Hex editor.
Once you have performed this minor tweak, run Google Calendar Sync by right-clicking the icon situated in the system tray and then clicking Sync. If you have followed the instructions to the word, you will notice Google Calendar Sync will automatically sync with the Outlook Calendar.

If you encounter any trouble with syncing, or have any queries, you can contact our Outlook help desk to get detailed information.