Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Microsoft Brings Out Healthcare App For Better Communication

Microsoft has made its presence felt in the Health IT sector lately, with collaboration with TracFone. The new tie-up is aimed towards effectuating the use of technology in healthcare. There’s no saying how this will be received in a field which is already so ripe with changes. For their part, the tech giant is trying to bring in ways that will provide patients easier and more secure access to their healthcare providers.

The software maker, alongside Health Choice Networks (HCN), is trying to enable patients to get more actively involved in their healthcare process. This will also make use of existing technologies under their banner, including the Office 365, Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and several smartphone apps. These are meant to help patients get in touch with their doctors, as well as collect their own health data. The security offered by these technologies is substantial, and these also come with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Microsoft and TracFone form the partnership, with the former offering the technology, while the latter gives out the services. To sweeten the deal, participants will also receive a Windows Phone when they sign up for the program. This phone will have all of the requisite apps pre-installed, according to the specific needs of each patient. Among these, Health Vault lets the patient track their health information. This is a product from Microsoft.

This raises hopes that patients can take better control of their heath. Maybe Microsoft is leaning so far into the mobile app field because of their impending Windows 10 OS, which is rumored to be the company’s most versatile platform yet. It is set to correct the problem, which Windows 8 brought in, and which consequently got the latter panned widely.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Retaining A Copy Of Your Outlook Email On The Server

Outlook downloads your email messages off the server it’s connected to, and that’s how you get to see them without logging in to your webmail. If you have an IMAP, HTTP or Exchange server connection in place, these downloaded mails get left on the server. But when the POP3 option is enabled, the emails get deleted after you get rid of them inside Outlook. There’s no copy remaining on the server itself.

This might be a tad inconvenient at times, such as when you decide that a deleted message was one you needed. To ensure that a situation like that doesn’t arise, you can adjust the settings in the application. What you’ll be doing is configuring it to leave a copy of the message on the server. This is most useful when you use Outlook on more than a single machine.

  • Go to the File menu from the top toolbar. Once that comes up, choose the Account Settings option.
  • When the next menu comes up, choose Account Settings from there also.
  • Choose the email account you’re adjusting the settings for. You’ll find it listed in the Email tab.
  • Hit the Change button when the Account Settings window comes up.
  • Hit the More Settings button.
  • Go to the Advanced tab, which will be at the top of the window.
  • Check the box next to the Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server option, and also the one beside Delivery.
  • Leave the Remove From Server option deselected.
  • Hit OK, then Next, and then Finish.
  • Press the Close button to get out of the Account Settings box.

That was on how to fix it so a copy of your email remains on the server after you delete it from Outlook. This and many other Outlook concerns can be dealt with easily if you have a reliable support provider to avail services from.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

When Looking For Quality Tech Support Services

One has to be very careful when it comes to paying for any service online. There is always a small chance you are being duped by some scam artist using a fake website. Such incidents are more common than you think. A good example is the number of OmniTech Support fraud websites you get when you search for their official website in search engines.

Get quality support from the genuine tech service provider

Obviously, you have to distinguish between the fake websites and the real ones. But, many not-so-tech-savvy users can be easily duped with a fake website that looks somewhat similar to the official one. You need to spend some time on the website checking out the different links and options provided there. You are likely to notice something out of place at least in some elements of the website, especially in the website address.

Such precautions are necessary to avoid paying your money to an OmniTech Support fraud website. Most likely, you are not going to get any service once you make the payment. However, in some cases, the charade continues further with the user asked to install some OS repair tools in his system. These malware applications will further help these scam artists extract more data from your system.
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Fix Windows Installation Issues

Windows operating system from Microsoft is one of the most popular OSs that people use. They have made several advancements during these years that is resulting in new operating systems with better functionalities and features. The operating system gained its popularity particularly because people can work on it with much ease. The best part is that it has a help and support section integrated that would help people with technical solutions to fix various issues in the computer.

Microsoft often comes up with better and new operating systems every now and then. Most people think that OS installation and setup is a tedious process. Moreover, when people want to install a latest operating system, they look for technical help. It is not a big deal even if you know only little about computers. With the help of apt guidelines, users can solve installation and setup issues in Windows operating system.

OmniTech reviews say that it is best to rely on online support for such issues. You get to save plenty of time and money when you avail services from tech support providers such as OmniTech support. Even if the case is so, here are the instructions to follow that can help you solve installation and setup issues. Two of the options that you can choose while installing Windows are,


When you choose this option, the current version of Windows 7 is replaced by the new operating system while it keeps the settings, files and programs that are stored in the computer.


With the custom installation, Windows 7 operating system will be replaced by an old version. However, with this process, none of the files, settings and programs are preserved in the computer. This is also referred to as clean installation.

You can easily install Windows operating system in the computer by following these relatively easy steps. There are certain requirements you need to be ready with before you start with the installation process. First and foremost, you need to have a copy of the operating system that you want to install. There are about five methods to install Windows operating system in a computer,

  • Upgrade to the latest OS
  • Perform a clean installation
  • Parallel installation or installation to a new folder
  • Installing Windows to another hard disk
  • Multiple boot option

In case you have issues with the installation process, get online tech help from OmniTech services, say OmniTech reviews. So, feel free to contact Omnitech Support for any further technical assistance.

A Note On Online Tech Support Scams

Omni tech support is one of the leading tech-support service providers that have been in the business for a very long time. They strive to provide services in the most efficient way to achieve customer satisfaction to the fullest. Hence, they have a number of services and subscriptions to offer for their customers to choose from. However, some of the swindlers have been trying to prey on every possible computer, and have been using the name of Omni tech for harming or stealing from people’s computers. Hence, this lead to the outbreak of Omni tech support scam reports.

Customers who want access to tech support from Omni tech need to call up on the toll free number 1-866-612-4220. The customer will get connected to one of the support representatives. Here the customers can address their concern regarding any technical issue they have. The technician will have relevant questions in order to get more information about the issue. Provide the details to the best of your knowledge.

Depending on the severity of the issue, the technician might have to connect to the customer’s computer remotely in order to work on the same. Once the customer accepts, the technician would start working on the customer’s computer. Here, the customer will have nothing much to do except for instances where he or she has to help the technician with passwords and the like.

The sad thing is that swindlers also adopt the same method; the only difference is that swindlers call up the customers themselves; in the other case, it is customer calling the support services. Hence, there have been many instances where the customer has refused remote support. This is only because they might have had a similar experience of a so-called technician claiming that the customer’s computer is infected. It is very hard to persuade them since they know how to convince a person and find their way into the customer’s computer to accomplish his or her task.

This for a fact has affected most of the tech support service providers, since many users have lost trust and are afraid that their computers would be harmed. It is high time customers realize that people who call them and claim to be from one of the top services are all fraudsters. This is because none of the tech-support service companies including Omni tech services has a policy of calling customers themselves. This is the only way to avoid scams like Omni tech support scam web pages.