Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Remedies for port related issues in a Windows machine

Various ports can be seen behind and in front of a CPU; these are designed on a CPU to connect certain hardware such as printers, scanners, flash sticks, mouse and keyboard. The clash of these ports with a newly installed driver or an update will bring in errors in its operation. Once a port has been overridden by certain issues, it won’t work efficiently. It will start to behave in an awkward manner. It will turn on and off without any authentication and could also stop working. If such a thing happens, users won’t be able to access the device connected to that particular port. Resolving this issue isn’t that much complicated or time wasting. The issue can be solved by following the instructions carved out by the Microsoft support team. Follow these leads instead of spending dollars on a computer support team.
Fix for computers that run on Vista
Go to the "Start" tab placed down below your desktop and click on the "My Computer" tab twice.
Inside the “My computer” window navigate to the C: drive and right click on it to select the "Properties" window.
Now go to the "Hardware" tab.
Clicking on a port twice will reveal its present working status. Continue doing the same until you find the infected port. The port that’s not working won’t be detected and the device status will be null.
Roll down to the "Driver" tab and pick out the "Update Driver".
Now tag on the "OK" button to reset the port.Check if the particular port is working perfectly or not.
Fix for computers that run on Windows XP
Roll down your cursor to the "Start" tab and click on the "My Computer" tab twice to open it.
Go to the C: drive and right click on it to reveal the "Properties" option.
Navigate to the "Device Manager" and hit on the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" tab.
Scroll to the "PCI" or "Bridge" tab. Right click on a certain port to unleash the "Properties" tab.
Now get it updated by clicking on the "Update this Device" tab and tag along the "OK" tab to complete the process.
All the port related issues can be resolved without the help of any computer support centers, by following these simple instructions.

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