Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Removing Mozilla Firefox From Your Mac Computer

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser application that you can download for free.  The application is designed and maintained by the Mozilla foundation, and is available for a wide range of platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux, and Andriod. It has in its offering all the required features, like tabbed browsing, private browsing, location aware browsing, download manager, live bookmarking etc., for providing a trouble free and effective browsing experience. When it comes to security, it makes use of the sandbox security model. This prevents scripts from having access to data on other websites coming under the same origin policy. For protecting communications with web server having a powerful cryptography, the browser makes use of SSL/TLS.
Having said that, I would now like to divert your attention to the fact that there is a large community of Mac users who are into Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes while using Mozilla on your Mac computer, you might encounter some problems. If that’s the case, you would probably want to uninstall the application from your system. Just follow the step by step instructions mentioned in this article to get it done.

Mozilla Firefox support instructions 

1. Start off with these instructions by clicking on the folder titled “Applications” located in the finder. You can find this in the main window.
2. Locate the option which says “Firefox”, drag and drop it in the trash folder. You can skip the following steps and go directly to the last one if you only want to remove the application and not the profile.
3. Continue with this procedure by clicking on the “Go” menu and choose “Home”. The Home menu is displayed. Open the folder titled “Library”. Now you need to open the folder which says “Application Support”. After that open the folder titled “Firefox” and then the folder named “Profiles”.
4. After that, locate the folder with the extension “.default”. Click and drag it to the trash folder.
5. Finally select on the “Finder” menu, and click on the option which says “Empty Trash”. Click on the appropriate option in the pop-up window to confirm your choice.
That’s it, you are done with the uninstalling process of Mozilla Firefox on your Mac computer. The task is relatively easy to perform, but if you are confused about something, you can contact the Mozilla Firefox support team to get further help.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Use Microsoft Publisher Help

People using Microsoft Publisher may require assistance at certain stages no matter how familiar they are with the program. The features and possibilities in Microsoft Publisher are wide, and so there are instances when help is required to bring out the best design and layout. The Publisher differs from Word in the aspect that it deals with the page layout and design, unlike Word that basically deals with the content inside the documents.
The Publisher comes with built-in Help that can guide a user to find solutions in times of confusion. Users need to first learn how to use Microsoft Publisher Help in order to avail the Help facility. You may seek help by contacting Microsoft Help phone number in case you need any further assistance with using Microsoft Publisher.
·         Start the Microsoft Publisher and open the publication that you need help with. You can also open a new publication.
·         In the upper right corner of the screen, locate the text box marked Type a Question for Help.
·         You can type in a question, phrase or word that pertains to the issue you’re dealing with, in the Type a Question for Help text box.
·         Hit the Enter key on the keyboard. This will enter the search question into the Help System. The Help System will respond with a Search result pane, with a list of solution related to the search key you have entered. Not all the search result will match your search key.
·         Go through the search results, and select the topic that is most closely related to your search tag. The most relevant search results will be located towards the top of the window.
·         If you are not satisfied with the results, or if the search results are not related to the issue you are dealing with, you can change the search term and search again, following the same procedure.
·         Locate and select the most relevant search result by clicking on it.
·         The Microsoft Office Publisher Help will open up with the instructions and steps that will deal with the help you need.
Hope these tips mentioned above will guide you to learn how to access Microsoft Publisher Help. Always remember that Microsoft assistance is available for you through Microsoft Help phone number, and through Microsoft chat, whenever you run into any sort of trouble. You can address any issues with the Microsoft Support executives, and get necessary help.