Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guidelines for activating Windows XP Service Pack 2

Tech giant Microsoft prompts their users to activate their copies of Windows XP service pack 2 for authorizing and validating the operating systems. Microsoft designs their operating systems in such a way that it will pop up with a window to enter the product key and activate the Windows as soon as you install the copy of Windows XP service pack 2. Windows usually comes up with three choices, among which two of them are for users without an internet connection. If you are a user among those then you can activate it later.
Microsoft endow with options like telephone and internet to activate Windows. You can opt either of those to activate your copy of Windows. If you are someone who doesn’t have time to waste then go for the internet activation, as it’s the fastest and easiest way to activate your Windows. Another option is to activate by calling the Windows activation centre. Windows tech support team with efficient professionals assists you in activating your copy of Windows with your purchase details.
Activation via Internet
Activating Windows XP service pack 2 via internet is the best feasible alternative. Once you opt for online activation, Windows XP by design will try to establish a connection with activation server. Whole activation string will be completed inside a minute or two with an option to register your Windows, but this choice is optional and isn’t that relevant. You can register if you wish to receive the updates from Microsoft regarding their products and it will also help to keep your Computer protected.
Activation through telephone
Track for the contact number by running the Activation Wizard and dial it up. Later the activation Wizard will furnish you an activation request number. This activation request number should be provided to the customer support executive when he/she asks for it. Once they receive your request number they will give u back the activation code compatible for activating your Windows XP service pack 2. Enter that code on to the activation screen prompted on your desktop and press “Enter”. It’s done; your copy of Windows is now activated. You can now slip back your focus in completing the installation of Windows XP service pack2.
Incase if you find it difficult to follow either of these process, feel free to get in touch with Microsoft Windows tech support team.

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