Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turning OFF Password when Rebooting your Computer

Security systems are obligatory components in Operating systems. Windows platforms are no different in case of security systems. Microsoft has packed the legendary Windows platform with a lot of security features to avoid misuse of user accounts and computer systems. Some security features are for networking security whereas others are for personal security and user account security. If you search Windows Help Index in your Windows platform, you can read the different security features implemented in the platform.
Windows, in normal cases, involves you in entering a password to log in to your user account and to access your computer when it reboots. This process is a part of the security measure to protect your system from unauthorized individuals or other users. Every operating system has its distinct way to restart, in case you want to reboot the machine.  If you want to, due to any reason, you can disable the password prompt. There are some instructions given in the following part that will help you to turn off the password prompt while rebooting your computer.

In Windows 7 Platform

1. Click on the Start Button located on the Taskbar on the bottom part of the desktop.
2. Type the text “control userpasswords2” in the search box option in the Start menu.
3. Uncheck the box aligned to the option that says, "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" in the User Accounts window that appears.
4. Enter your account password and click on Confirm link to complete the process.

In Windows Vista Platform

1. Click on the Start button located on the bottom left corner of the Desktop. The Start Button is a round button that bears the Windows emblem.
2. Click on the Run option in the Start Menu.
3. Type "netplwiz" in the text box in Run Window and press "Enter."
4. In the User accounts window opened, uncheck the box aligned to the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" and click OK.
5. In the text fields (White Boxes) given there, enter the username and password (login details) to login automatically when you restart the computer. Now click on the box aligned to "Automatically Log On" option and press the OK button after that.
6. Now close all the applications and restart your computer. You can see that the password page is disabled.
You can check the Windows Help feature more details regarding the security features in Windows.

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