Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips To Unlock A Password Protected Word Document

Microsoft’s popular word processing application, Microsoft Word comes with an option to lock or unlock word documents, a useful feature which helps to prevent unauthorized access to the documents. But there are cases where you may  lose or forget the password that you used to save the Word documents. Then you have to follow some troubleshooting steps to resolve these sorts of Microsoft Problems.
How to unlock a Password protected Word document?
Fist of all, you need to launch the Microsoft Word Program on your system.
Now open the word document that you want to unlock by clicking the file menu and then click open.
Now will be prompted to provide the password.
Then you need to save the particular document again without password protection. For this, tag along the file tab and then choose the save as option.
Now click tools option that displays on the top of the save as dialogue box.
Then you have to select the security options and then remove the password from the following text boxes: “Password to Open” and “Password to Modify”. When done, trigger the OK button.
Once you finish the entire procedure, click on the save button. Now you have successfully unlocked the password protected file.
How to unlock Subdocuments?
Launch the Word document that contains the particular subdocument.
Click view and then Outline from the top programming menu. This opens up an Outlining toolbar.
To expand the subdocument, you need to click the expand subdocument button.
Now trigger the lock document button to unlock the subdocument.
How to unlock a password protected field in Microsoft Word?
Firstly, open the Word document containing the locked field that you wish to unlock.
Place your mouse pointer on the particular field that you wish to unlock to highlight it.
Now press and hold the Ctrl+SHIFT+F11 keys for unlocking the particular field.
How to unlock password protected Forms in Microsoft Word?
First, open the Word document that contains the locked Form that you want to unlock.
Tag along the forms tab and then click the toolbars tab.
Now put a check mark in the box next to Forms followed by pressing the close button.
Now select the protect Form option from the forms toolbar.
Select the add or remove button option and then click Forms and protect Form button.
By keeping these fixing tips in mind, you can easily handle the common Microsoft problems. Thank you!

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