Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tips For Checking Service Pack Version In Windows XP

The technology giant Microsoft has always made it a point to include user-friendly tools and interfaces whenever they launch newer versions of their Windows operating systems. Windows operating systems lets you download latest updates and different system utility files that ensure your computer’s long-term stability and performance. Windows accomplishes these updates through a special utility called Service Packs which is built-in to the operating system.
So what are service packs? It would suffice to know that these service packs are crucial for ensuring that your copy of Windows is up-to-date and can support the latest version of all software programs. If you don’t have the latest version of service pack installed, your system may not support many software programs and applications and also the system stability will be put to risk. Till date Microsoft has released three versions of service packs for Windows XP and so if you are using this operating system on your computer, you need to make sure that you have Service Pack 3.
Windows XP support can help with any issues with any of these three versions but first you will have to figure out which version you are using. So how can you know this? Here is how!
Checking Service Pack Version in Windows XP computer
Shortcut method through “Run” command
Go to Start menu
Click on Run. This will open the Run dialogue box.
Type in “winver” in the type field box and hit Enter key or press “OK”.
The “About Windows” window will appear showing the details of your Windows version. Here you can see the version of Service Pack clearly mentioned.
Press “OK” to close this window.
Checking through Control Panel
Go to Start menu and click on Control Panel.
If the Control Panel is in “Category View”, click on "Performance and Maintenance". If it is “Classic View”, double-click on “System” icon.
This will open the “System Properties” window.
Click on “General” tab. Most probably, the General tab will be selected by default.
Here you can see complete details regarding your Windows and the Service Pack version. If you are using Windows XP and Service Pack 3, it will be clearly mentioned there.
To exit from System Properties windows, press “OK”.
To know more about service pack, visit Windows XP Support center online. The knowledge of the service pack version will be required for any service that you may seek from Microsoft on their products.

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