Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tutorial To Remove The MS Outlook 2007 Internet Security Warning

When it comes to delivering to people a quality program at the right price, there are few companies who can do better than Microsoft. The Windows range of operating systems developed by this tech giant, is a testament to that. It is not only in the area of operating systems that the Microsoft seems to sweep off competition; they also have a strong presence where various other programs are concerned. Take, for example, the case of MS Outlook. It is easily one of the most popular email and personal information management software in the world.
Although quite popular, the MS Outlook program does suffer from occasional performance issues. Internet security warnings popping up on the screen can be considered as one such issue, if you are easily annoyed by such things. Here are some instructions from the Microsoft tech support team, which will help you in dealing with this issue.

Instructions to remove internet security warning in Outlook program
First of all, switch on your computer, and then launch the Internet Explorer Web browser in your system. You will be able to see the icon of the Internet Explorer browser on the desktop of your computer screen, and you only have to double-click on it to access the web browser. The browser can also be opened by clicking the icon located on the Quick Launch bar.
In the Internet Explorer window, click on the “Tools” button, located on the toolbar. Choose the “Internet Options” button from the Tools menu.
Go to the “Internet Options” window, and select the “Content” button from it. Click on the “Clear SSL State” button, which is located on the Content tab. Select the “Ok” button displayed on the confirmation box, and then click on the “Advanced” tab.
Choose the “Reset” option, and then click on the “Apply” button. After finishing these steps, make sure that you exit all the open programs, and then reboot your computer. The next time you use the internet on your computer, you will notice that there are no Outlook 2007 Internet Security warnings displayed on the screen.
Follow this set of simple instructions recommended by the ever reliable and efficient Microsoft tech support team, in order to remove the Internet Security warnings in the MS Outlook 2007 program. The instructions given here are quite easy and simple to carry out, and you should be able to complete the procedure within a matter of minutes.

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