Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How To Put A Outlook Express Shortcut On Your Desktop

Desktop shortcuts offer quick computer navigation. The desktop shortcuts cut the pain of navigating through the file system. You can easily launch the applications with ease using the desktop shortcuts. Desktop shortcuts are found useful particularly when an app like the Email client is very often used. Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to create desktop shortcuts on your system.    

Outlook Express help instructions

Switch on your computer and log in as the administrator.
Open Microsoft Outlook Express on your system. To launch Outlook Express, launch the start menu. Click on the Start orb placed on the bottom left edge of the home screen. From the Start menu pop up, click on the label that reads All programs. From the All programs sub menu, locate the option the reads Microsoft Outlook Express. Alternatively, you can locate Microsoft Outlook Express on the taskbar (if any taskbar shortcut exits).
Right click the Microsoft Outlook Express label. From the dropdown, select the label that reads Send To. From the Send To drop down, select the option that reads Desktop (create shortcut).
Alternatively, you can create desktop shortcut of the same by drag and drop method. Highlight the Microsoft Outlook Express icon and drag it on to the Desktop screen. Drop the program shortcut onto the desktop screen to create a shortcut instantly.
Similarly you can create desktop shortcuts by keeping up with the under mentioned steps. Right click the mouse on the desktop home screen. From the sub menu that drops down, select the label that reads Shortcut. Wait for the Create a Shortcut window to appear.
Click on the label Browse next to the empty text box filed. This will open the browse for files or folders dialogue box. Scroll down the dialogue box and locate Outlook Express software installed in your computer. Most often Outlook express will be located in the C drive. Select the label that reads Outlook Express and then the label msin.exe from the list down. Rename the shortcut and hit the Finish option to exit and save the set up.
Follow the above Outlook Express help and support instructions to create a desktop shortcut of the same. If you need any more assistance on the same, feel free to reach us on our toll free help line number.

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