Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Set Up Windows File Sharing

While working on their computers, many users share files with others over the same network. Windows file sharing is easy way used for file sharing between computers. If you have not tried Windows File sharing feature yet in your computer, follow the below listed instructions. You can explore more on Omni Tech scam blog.

Windows File Sharing on Local Set Up 

By setting up Windows File Sharing feature in a host computer, you can share files, documents and other significant data between Windows computers that are linked over the same network. File sharing between remote systems also demand this basic criterion. 
Navigate to the files that are to be shared with the host computer. Right-click over the file and configure the file sharing settings in it. 

Specify the access settings. You can act proactively by keeping the files password-protected, so that the access will be limited only to the people with whom you have shared the password. Access settings such as who should be able to access the files and other security options can be found in the Security and Sharing options.

Configuring the Firewall

Windows Firewall protects your computer from unverified incoming network connections. If Windows Firewall is enabled in your computer, you will be blocked from initiating Windows file sharing. This demands re-configuring Windows Firewall settings. The easiest way for the same is to disable Windows Firewall. However, Microsoft technicians do not recommend this, instead suggests adding an exception in the Firewall settings for file sharing by editing the Control Panel settings.

File sharing through Remote Access

You can start file sharing between computers after setting up Windows File Sharing in the host computer and configuring Windows Firewall to allow file sharing. The below steps tell you how to access shared files.
  • Start your computer and wait until it is fully loaded. 
  • Launch Run command and enter the name of the host computer in the type field. 
  • You may also have to specify the location of shared files. 
  • This will prompt the remote computer to connect with the IP address of the host computer. The remote computer will open a new Windows Explorer window containing remote files. 
  • If you want the remote computer to connect with the shared files each time when it gets started, be advised to map a network drive to the host computer in My Computer window. 
That is all you should need to know to enable Windows File Sharing. For more details on Windows file sharing, navigate to the Omni Tech scam blog.

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