Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Changing The AutoArchive Settings In Microsoft Outlook

Users are get to enjoy multiple features in their Outlook app in addition to sending or receiving emails. Besides that, whenever users come across any Outlook problems, they can contact Outlook support for technical assistance. Outlook helps users to organize meeting, events, or parties by retrieving data from their PC. Outlook helps you keep track of events by helping you to set calendar reminders. In Outlook, you can even create duplicate calendar reminders to stay informed about your daily tasks. But, certain Outlook data might be removed without your consent due to the AutoArchive feature in the app.

If you realize that you are not getting calendar reminder from Outlook since the AutoArichive has removed the old Outlook data, you need to customize the AutoArchive settings. The following instructions would help you reset the AutoArchive feature.

  • Launch your Outlook application and navigate to the Tools menu.
  • Select Options from the dropdown menu followed by Other.
  • Press the AutoArchive option. This will display a list of option that you can use to customize the AutoArchive feature. Locate the option that says Run AutoArchive every N days and unselect the checkbox before it.
  • If you want Outlook to remove the old data in the application at certain intervals, select the checkbox before Run AutoArchive every N days. You may specify the interval like once in a month, twice in a month, once in a week or whatever. This will ensure that the old data in the Outlook application is archived from time to time. By default, Outlook calendar has been set with running the AutoAarchive function once in every two weeks. If you want to extend this interval, you can do so.
  • Now, go to the option that says Archive or Delete Old Items and unselect the checkbox. To make any other changes in the AutoArchive settings, browser through the list of checkboxes in it. You can make any changes in any of the checkbox options given there.
You have successfully reset the AutoArchive feature in your Microsoft Outlook application. If you have any concerns about the AutoArchive feature, contact the Outlook help desk. The Outlook help desk would help you fix any Outlook problems. Besides that, users can also visit the Outlook help forums and browse through the Outlook help articles related to common Outlook issues and their troubleshooting steps.

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