Sunday, April 6, 2014

Complaints With Xbox One On The Rise

Microsoft Xbox One created quite a storm when it was officially announced. It has been only around a couple of weeks since the owners have had the Xbox One and issues have started to creep up steadily. The OS and the interface of the Xbox One seems to be facing a long queue of issues and Microsoft has issued statements regarding resolving the complaints. Immense hard work has been put into the development and deployment of the Xbox One and the company expects the device to be an all in all entertainment device.

Free space issues

Issues like the device not displaying the free space which is remaining was earlier mentioned. Edge said, ”Xbox One's debut user experience is stuttering, clunky, and a serious challenge to Xbox Live's long-held status as the premier console service. Bluntly, they take too long to load, don't offer the functionality that Xbox Live was built on, and are, inexplicably, badly handled by the OS”.

Xbox feedback website

To address the complaints that are burdened with Xbox One, a website by the name Xbox Feedback is now live which was setup by Xbox fans. The site is poured in with suggestions like methods for disable gestures, battery indicator for the One controller and so on.

Improvements promised by Microsoft

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb of Microsoft says that the good news is that all the feedbacks are being heard. Reports in May stated that the Redmond Company was quite behind schedule with Xbox One. It was also mentioned back in October that the operating system of Xbox One was witnessing small troubles.

Quick resolving of complaints

If the complaints are not resolved in time regarding Xbox One, it will surely make a lot of customers very disappointed and with bugging niggles present, prospective buyers of the console will also sway away. What this does is that the competitors are immensely benefitted, as customers prefer to go in for consoles like the Sony PS4. If effective improvements with Xbox One are not provided by Microsoft, the much gained hype and thrill for the Xbox One will surely cool down and the success factor will greatly be affected.

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