Friday, June 6, 2014

Final Version Of Windows Live SkyDrive Outwits Beta Version

Online storage facilities, or commonly known as cloud storage services, are rapidly replacing conventional storage options. It would be too outdated to imagine about conventional storage options after about a decade. Though Dropbox introduced online storage for the first time, many firms have started offering online storage services to users in the recent past. Today, there are numerous cloud storage services available for a user to choose from, many of which allow users to back up a certain amount of data online free of charge.

Although it came late, Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage facility with its Windows Live support options has significant appeal to the users.

Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive

The final version of Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive facility is out now. Reports indicate that the final version features many more options than the beta version. There has been a significant improvement of storage space. The beta version allowed users to store only up to 512 MB of data. When the final version came, the storage capacity was improved to 1GB. Interestingly, last year’s update upped the storage capacity again. Currently, Windows Live SkyDrive provides users with 5 GB of storage space. Although the storage space is less than Google Drive and other third party storage services, one must consider that the service is provided free of cost from the world’s number one software company.

SkyDrive available in many countries

Another good side of Microsoft’s SkyDrive is that it is available in many countries. According to the Windows Live Support team, the final version of SkyDrive is made available for 38 countries across the world. This is a significant improvement against the beta version. The beta version was made available for only three countries, UK, USA and India.

Final version of SkyDrive boasts increased reliability

The beta version of SkyDrive suffered a few drawbacks and many even considered it unreliable. Microsoft has addressed such issues in the new SkyDrive version, and assures users about the improvements brought up to the facility. A remarkable improvement that can be seen in SkyDrive is the smoothness and quickness in uploading data.

Microsoft has retained most of the appreciated features of the SkyDrive beta version in the final version. Options to integrate with popular Windows Live services and ability to create private or public folders are examples for the popular features retained in the final SkyDrive version.

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