Monday, June 16, 2014

Outlook Express Errors And Fixes

Outlook Express is an email client program, which comes preinstalled with various Microsoft operating systems like Windows 98 and Windows XP. Even though this email client is considered as highly efficient, you can encounter certain troubles occasionally. Some of the most common Outlook Express problems are failure to send and receive emails, freezing of the program, unable to download email attachments etc. Now, in this post, we will take you through some of the troubleshooting steps that you could try, to fix this issue.

Check Outlook Express Settings

The first step is to find out whether you have made any changes to the settings accidentally. Any small change with the settings can affect the email program. Therefore, launch the program and click the option Tools. Choose the option Accounts. From the various email accounts you have added in the program, click the one with which you encounter troubles and select the button Properties. This opens the window for the email properties. Click the tab Servers where you will find major settings for the email. Verify if the settings match with the ones provided by your service provider. Go to the Advanced tab and find out whether the port numbers entered for the incoming and outgoing mail servers are correct or not.

Scan the computer

If you find the Outlook Express program to be responding much slower than before, it could be due to a virus infection in your computer. Therefore, download an antivirus program and run a complete scan of your computer. If you have already installed an antivirus program, update it and run the scan.

Outlook Express Add-ins

Sometimes, an add-in in the program might be causing the troubles. Therefore, disable the add-ins one by one. This will help you to find out the corrupted one. Disable or remove the corrupted add-in permanently. If it is an important add-in, which you frequently use, reinstall it.

Registry scan

Corrupted registry entries can also create Outlook Express problems. Since, it is not an easy task to go through various registry entries and check for the corrupted entries, download a registry cleaner program from the internet. It is advised that you download a paid version of the program and not the free trial versions, so that you can avail all the features. Run the scan, fix the errors and restart your PC.

With the above steps, you can fix the errors with your Outlook Express program. For additional help, you may contact our technical support team.

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