Thursday, June 5, 2014

Some Tips For Printing A Webpage In Your Windows 8 OS

Microsoft’s Windows online support page offers a lot of tips with and solutions for many of the Windows operating system problems. You can easily find the solutions for many Windows 8 problems here. Microsoft has also included a Help and Support in the operating system for taking care of most of these problems.

Problems with printing a web page in the Windows 8 OS
Many users have the habit of taking printouts of webpage articles and contents. In many online magazine and newspaper websites, you will see print options for aligning the web page properly before printing. You might have spotted the printer icon or the Click here for Print-friendly version link on such web pages, right next to the content you are reading. However, many website do not provide such print-friendly options or settings for their web content.

So, when you take a printout of these web pages, you may not get the desired results. Sometimes, the printout would include all the unnecessary images and advertisements shown on the web page and this result in unnecessary use of your expensive printer cartridge ink. Follow some of these tips provided here to help to print the web pages correctly.

As already mentioned, some pages do provide print-friendly options. If you do not find them near the article you are reading, look at the options provided at the bottom, or try one of the menus shown on the page. Most websites give prominence to social networking options and the print option, in most cases, will be given under the More Options or More Tools category.

Many browser applications come with the webpage print options and you need to go through the browser menu to find them. In most browsers, this option will be there in the File menu. You will see web page print settings, print preview options, etc. These print settings include options for excluding the images, colours, etc from the web page and using only the text content for taking the print out.

Yet another solution is to copy the relevant text content from the web page that you want to print onto a word or notepad document. You can easily copy the contents and paste it on a new MS Word document and take the print out. Alternatively, you can copy the entire page to the Word document including the images, remove the bits you do not want, and then take the print out.

For more tips and solutions on printer issues, visit the Windows online support page online.

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