Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enable/Disable Enhanced Protection Mode In Internet Explorer

Latest IE (Internet Explorer) versions such as IE9, IE10 and IE11 are integrated with a security feature called Enhanced Protection Mode. The purpose of this mode is to enable the browser to diffuse the attacks and security threats from malwares. After you have enabled Enhanced Protection Mode in your IE browser, it will ensure that only the toolbars and add-ons that are compatible with the mode get loaded in your browser. Unfortunately, there are only a few toolbars that are compatible with IE’s Enhanced Protection Mode. If you want to load any toolbars or add-ons that do not work in Enhance Protection Mode, you have to disable the mode.

Once Enhanced Protection Mode is disabled, your IE browser will be capable of loading all toolbars and add-ons. Nonetheless, be reminded that disabling the mode will increase the security risks. Therefore, enable the mode once you are done with the purpose. The following steps explain how to disable Enhanced Protection Mode. Get in touch with our tech support desk or visit any of the online tech support forums to learn how to remove toolbars from IE.

  • Launch your IE web browser by double-clicking the IE icon on your desktop. If you haven’t created a desktop shortcut, go to Start button and choose Internet Explorer from the menu. 
  • Now, navigate to the Tools menu, which is located at the top of the screen and select the option titled Manage Add-ons. 
  • Locate any of the enabled add-ons from the add-ons list and highlight it. 
  • Select the Disable button to proceed. 
  • Click the button labelled Close to save the changes you have made in the IE settings and to exit the browser. 
If you decide to enable Enhanced Protection Mode later, you can do so by working out the following instructions.
  • Launch IE and navigate to the Tools button from the mail menu bar. 
  • Select Manage Add-ons option from the resulting menu. 
  • Now, locate the disabled add-ons that you wish to activate and highlight them one by one followed by clicking the Enable button. 
  • Once done, press the Close button to save the changes and exit the window. 
The above steps must have helped you enable/disable Enhanced Protection Mode in latest IE versions. If you want to remove toolbars or add-ons from your IE browser, locate them in the Manage add-ons dialogue box and click the Remove button instead of disable/enable.

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