Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 Gains More Users Than Windows 8

Even though Windows 8.1 was provided as a free update to the Windows 8 users, there was not much interest shown for the update. In fact, the user base for Windows 8.1 and 8 was pretty much the same. Now, there seems to be some change in these figures. More and more Windows 8 users, it seems, are now upgrading their OS and this has lead to Windows 8.1 gaining more users than Windows 8, though many OmniTech Support scams websites continue to display the outdated market share figures.

Free upgrade option encouraged the Windows 8 users

It is clear that with the upgrade option available for free, sooner or later, many more Windows 8 users would upgrade to Windows 8.1. In fact, Microsoft expects all Windows 8 users to make the upgrade before January 2016, when they will stop supporting Windows 8 altogether. In short, Windows 8.1 would be treated as a Service Pack update, which you would have to install to receive any future updates.

So, there is no surprise here that more and more Windows 8 users are now making use of the free upgrade options and switching to Windows 8.1. But, the total market share that both these versions represent does not seem to be growing at all. Microsoft knows this already, which was why they announced the release of the next generation OS and has already released a preview version for it.

It is clear that the only significant growth that Windows 8.1 would register in the coming few months would be by eating into the Windows 8 market share, for the reasons already mentioned above. Windows XP or Windows 7 users see no point in upgrading to Windows 8 and many users looking to buy new desktop or laptop computers are putting off the purchase until the release of Windows 10 OS.

With Windows 7 and Windows XP still reigning the Windows OS market share, these marginal increase in Windows 8.1 user base over that of Windows 8 is not at all relevant. In fact, even Microsoft has stopped claiming that Windows 8 or 8.1 sales are growing slowly, but steadily. With the release of Windows 10 next year, Windows 8 will join the Windows Vista club of failed Microsoft products.

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