Monday, November 24, 2014

Canonical Releases Brand New Features

Canonical has recently released a statement saying it has finished its work with Microsoft and will now be able to run Windows server on top of the OpenStack and Linux variant Ubuntu operating system.

Canonical, the company behind the Debian based Linux operating system has finally announced the availability of virtualized drivers. This allows Windows Guest operating systems to run on KVM hypervisors, which will subsequently allow execution on the Opencloud cloud-computing platform. Although none of the Omni Tech Support scam articles have banked upon this information, always be on the lookout for the source of the information. If you want more information about Windows Guest operating systems, you may contact OmniTech Support.

The recently developed VirtO drivers have been designed to optimize the performance of the guest operating system that will execute on Ubuntu and OpenStack cloud. This new driver is available for all versions of Windows Server, which include Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012R2.

Canonical cloud product marketing manager Sally Radwan said, “This allows enterprises with a large Windows Server footprint to build OpenStack clouds on Ubuntu but keep their guest OS and workloads untouched.” The aim of the company is to extend the functionality of Ubuntu and OpenStack ecosystem by testing out thousands of third-party products. By doing so against OpenStack, they ensure compatibility and performance. This feature is available through OIL OpenStack Interoperability Lab. To know more information about the same, you may contact OmniTech Support. Always check if the source of information is genuine before you read it. This way, you can avoid falling for Omni Tech Support scam services.

The collaboration with Microsoft has been a part of this drive. This has enabled Canonical to go through the necessary certification process that lies under Microsoft’s Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program, or SVVP. Due to this certification, Microsoft has signed off the application software as a stable and reliable plugin relatively free of bugs. It has endorsed Ubuntu's ability to run Windows guest version with stability and relative ease. Radwan added, “The end goal is to provide a reliable platform for all our customers and give them a choice to run Ubuntu or Windows equally well.”

Canonical users will have access to these drivers through the Ubuntu advantage support programme. By doing so, the company assures its customers that the Windows drivers are updated as a part of Ubuntu's six monthly hardware enablement Kernel release. Moreover, these drivers can be run in all LTS (Long-time-support) edition of Ubuntu, apart from OpenStack versions that support the release.

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