Monday, December 1, 2014

A Note On Online Tech Support Scams

Omni tech support is one of the leading tech-support service providers that have been in the business for a very long time. They strive to provide services in the most efficient way to achieve customer satisfaction to the fullest. Hence, they have a number of services and subscriptions to offer for their customers to choose from. However, some of the swindlers have been trying to prey on every possible computer, and have been using the name of Omni tech for harming or stealing from people’s computers. Hence, this lead to the outbreak of Omni tech support scam reports.

Customers who want access to tech support from Omni tech need to call up on the toll free number 1-866-612-4220. The customer will get connected to one of the support representatives. Here the customers can address their concern regarding any technical issue they have. The technician will have relevant questions in order to get more information about the issue. Provide the details to the best of your knowledge.

Depending on the severity of the issue, the technician might have to connect to the customer’s computer remotely in order to work on the same. Once the customer accepts, the technician would start working on the customer’s computer. Here, the customer will have nothing much to do except for instances where he or she has to help the technician with passwords and the like.

The sad thing is that swindlers also adopt the same method; the only difference is that swindlers call up the customers themselves; in the other case, it is customer calling the support services. Hence, there have been many instances where the customer has refused remote support. This is only because they might have had a similar experience of a so-called technician claiming that the customer’s computer is infected. It is very hard to persuade them since they know how to convince a person and find their way into the customer’s computer to accomplish his or her task.

This for a fact has affected most of the tech support service providers, since many users have lost trust and are afraid that their computers would be harmed. It is high time customers realize that people who call them and claim to be from one of the top services are all fraudsters. This is because none of the tech-support service companies including Omni tech services has a policy of calling customers themselves. This is the only way to avoid scams like Omni tech support scam web pages.

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