Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Microsoft Brings Out Healthcare App For Better Communication

Microsoft has made its presence felt in the Health IT sector lately, with collaboration with TracFone. The new tie-up is aimed towards effectuating the use of technology in healthcare. There’s no saying how this will be received in a field which is already so ripe with changes. For their part, the tech giant is trying to bring in ways that will provide patients easier and more secure access to their healthcare providers.

The software maker, alongside Health Choice Networks (HCN), is trying to enable patients to get more actively involved in their healthcare process. This will also make use of existing technologies under their banner, including the Office 365, Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and several smartphone apps. These are meant to help patients get in touch with their doctors, as well as collect their own health data. The security offered by these technologies is substantial, and these also come with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

Microsoft and TracFone form the partnership, with the former offering the technology, while the latter gives out the services. To sweeten the deal, participants will also receive a Windows Phone when they sign up for the program. This phone will have all of the requisite apps pre-installed, according to the specific needs of each patient. Among these, Health Vault lets the patient track their health information. This is a product from Microsoft.

This raises hopes that patients can take better control of their heath. Maybe Microsoft is leaning so far into the mobile app field because of their impending Windows 10 OS, which is rumored to be the company’s most versatile platform yet. It is set to correct the problem, which Windows 8 brought in, and which consequently got the latter panned widely.

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