Monday, December 1, 2014

Fix Windows Installation Issues

Windows operating system from Microsoft is one of the most popular OSs that people use. They have made several advancements during these years that is resulting in new operating systems with better functionalities and features. The operating system gained its popularity particularly because people can work on it with much ease. The best part is that it has a help and support section integrated that would help people with technical solutions to fix various issues in the computer.

Microsoft often comes up with better and new operating systems every now and then. Most people think that OS installation and setup is a tedious process. Moreover, when people want to install a latest operating system, they look for technical help. It is not a big deal even if you know only little about computers. With the help of apt guidelines, users can solve installation and setup issues in Windows operating system.

OmniTech reviews say that it is best to rely on online support for such issues. You get to save plenty of time and money when you avail services from tech support providers such as OmniTech support. Even if the case is so, here are the instructions to follow that can help you solve installation and setup issues. Two of the options that you can choose while installing Windows are,


When you choose this option, the current version of Windows 7 is replaced by the new operating system while it keeps the settings, files and programs that are stored in the computer.


With the custom installation, Windows 7 operating system will be replaced by an old version. However, with this process, none of the files, settings and programs are preserved in the computer. This is also referred to as clean installation.

You can easily install Windows operating system in the computer by following these relatively easy steps. There are certain requirements you need to be ready with before you start with the installation process. First and foremost, you need to have a copy of the operating system that you want to install. There are about five methods to install Windows operating system in a computer,

  • Upgrade to the latest OS
  • Perform a clean installation
  • Parallel installation or installation to a new folder
  • Installing Windows to another hard disk
  • Multiple boot option

In case you have issues with the installation process, get online tech help from OmniTech services, say OmniTech reviews. So, feel free to contact Omnitech Support for any further technical assistance.

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