Sunday, February 16, 2014

Microsoft Adds IMAP Support To Outlook.Com

There’s a great piece of news for users. Microsoft has finally added IMAP protocol support for the email service. In a blog in Outlook Blog Microsoft officials stated that "already supports the industry's best e-mail conductivity with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)." EAS is a utility that is used on Windows Phones, iOS, as well as Android devices, and also in the Windows 8 mail app. Microsoft’s decision to support IMAP even though the EAS protocol is more robust for email with near real-time syncing whilst providing better network efficiency and superior battery life.

Another added bonus for users is that new updates were issues for apps like TripIt, Sift, Slice, OtherInbox, and Context.IO. TripIt, which is the popular travel planner, is now equipped to detect email confirmations which it then downloads to the TripIt itinerary. Sift is also a popular app, which helps users find products. This gives users the added advantage while looking for shopping content using their account, which enhances a personalized shopping experience.

The Slice app helps users monitor all the items the user bought online, and also includes emails about tracking the current status of your package and shipments, which can be imported into a personal catalog. is an app that provides users an easier way to unsubscribe from email subscriptions in a hassle free manner. Tools in OtherInbox help keep the Outlook inbox in an organized and neat fashion, while Context.IO is an email API which can be used to build apps that help data integration from your email.

The advantage of IMAP support is that users can access messages stored in remote servers, which allows instantaneous updates to appear in the inbox across multiple platforms. The earlier editions of used Post Office Protocol, which required users to download messages before they could be managed.

However, the EAS protocol is one of the best email technologies, which enables easier syncing of email, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks from the server onto the device. However the EAS protocol is not restricted to usability on Windows Phones and the Mail app in Windows 8. It is also used on Blackberry 10 smartphones, Apple’s iPhone and iPad, as well as a wide range of Android tablets and smartphones.

In addition to IMAP support, Microsoft claimed that will also be supporting OAuth, an authentication standard which allows users to have secure interactions with third party software. All these updates make Microsoft a definite competitor against the email giant Google. Moreover, also gets additional Skype support, enhanced calendars and two-factor authentication. For issues you can check up on Outlook help or contact Outlook help desk.

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