Monday, February 24, 2014

Features Of The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

With the advent of latest technologies in the field of internet, it is true that we prefer a fast and secure way for browsing the internet always. There is a plethora of web browsers in the internet that allow the users to browse internet fast and in a secure way. Firefox is one of the popular web browsers available in the market that provides both security and a swift browsing experience. Firefox is an open source web browser and can be downloaded for free. The web browser is made by the Mozilla Corporation and almost all operating systems support the Mozilla Firefox browser.

One of the important features of the web browser is that you can run the browser on your Android mobile as it has a mobile version. Here we discuss some of the common advantages and features of the web browser as listed in the Mozilla support site. The best feature of the Firefox web browser is that it has a much user-friendly interface when compared to its competitors. It is rather easy to work on the Firefox web browser when compared with other web browsers.

It is the fastest in case of opening a web page and even a novice user will feel at home while using the browser. The Firefox web browser is a complete package with included extra options like pop up blocking, secure search and multi tab browsing. Since Firefox is a streamlined web browser, Mozilla support claims that it displays more content in a single page when compared to any other web browser. The web browser also provides users an option to browse privately by using the private browsing feature present in the browser. When you are in private browsing, no history or cookies are stored regarding the browsing session.

The web browser can be customized according to the needs of the customers and has the best cross platform support. With the presence of the new API manager, the users will be able to integrate their browser to social networking sites. One of the major features of the web browser is that it has an inbuilt PDF reader so that you will be able to read PDF files easily within the web browser. You can also set parental controls in the browser for your kids by using the parental control feature.

With better security, a download manager that helps to resume downloads and a PDF reader, Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser available now.

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