Sunday, March 2, 2014

Know More On WCF Data Services 5.6

Microsoft has recently released the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services 5.6. This service has the support for Visual Studio 2013, direct support for Entity Framework 6+ and portable libraries. The support for Visual Studio 2013 means that the user can get Add Service Reference support for OData so that the users can consume the OData Services. The OData or Open Data Protocol is the data-sharing standard that makes it easy to share the data between data producers and consumers services.

The client-side services now have portable library support, so that the users can use the latest JSON format in Windows Store apps and Windows Phone. The core libraries provide portable library support for .NET 4.0, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, and the Windows Store apps. The WCF DS client offers portable library support for NET 4.5, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, and Windows Store apps. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft support services.

One important improvement that is missing in the latest version is that the work on making the providers public has been reverted. As per the WCF Data Services Blog, “We hoped to make it possible to override the behavior of included providers with respect to properties that don’t have native support in OData v3, for instance enum and spatial properties. Unfortunately we ran into some non-trivial bugs with $select and $orderby and needed to cut the feature for this release.”

The work on making the providers public has now enabled the team to release a WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider as an out of band provider that bridges the gap between Entity Framework 6+ and WCF Data Services 5.6.0. A pre-release version has been released as the NuGet package. Until now, the WCF Data Service stack needed all the OData services using to inherit from the DataService. The data service would decide whether the service should make use of in-box EF provider, a custom provider, or the in-box Reflection provider. When the support was added for EF 6, Microsoft made use of the new public provider functionality that was added in the EF6 that allows the provider to ship differently.

If you wish to know more on the Windows Communication Foundation 5.6 with JSON support, you can contact the Microsoft support services. You can also visit the official website of Microsoft corporation to know more updates and news on the WCF Data Services 5.6.

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