Monday, March 24, 2014

Tips For Transferring Videos And Photos From iPhone To Windows 8

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 8 and it is an operating system that is mainly intended for touch screen devices. This operating system is blended with many exciting features and functions especially in the case of Windows 8 transfer. It is possible to transfer media files including photos and videos captured in an iPhone to a Windows 8 computer.

With the inbuilt iSight camera available in the iPhone, it is possible for users to take great photos and videos. These photos and videos will be of high definition clarity and provide excellent clarity. However, the only drawback associated with the iPhone is the lack of storage space and there is no option for the users to expand the storage memory. Here comes the need for transferring the photos and videos from your iPhone to Windows 8.

Transferring media files from iPhone to Windows 8 is an easy process and can be done within a matter of seconds. Follow the below provided steps to accomplish the same.
  • By using the USB data cord, you need to connect your iPhone to a Windows 8 PC or a laptop.
  • From your Windows desktop, you need to double click on the option called Computer.
  • Under the Devices with Removable Storage section, you will see your iPhone listed. Right click on the name of your iPhone, followed by clicking the option called Import pictures and videos.
  • If needed, you can choose a tag and start importing your photos and videos from your IPhone to Windows 8 by clicking the option called Import.
More Windows 8 transfer tips
  • The photos and videos that exist in your iPhone are copied to the Windows 8 in the My Pictures library by default. After copying, it is necessary to go through the folder to check whether the files are copied or not.
  • The user will not be able to transfer the media files that are downloaded or synchronized from iTunes. This is because importing of files synchronized using iTunes are not allowed to be imported from iPhone to a Windows PC. However, if you need to transfer synced media files back to the PC in the folder named iPhone Photo Library, which was synced previously from your Computer to iPhone through iTunes, you can use a special photo transfer tool for iPhone.
The above described Windows 8 transfer tips will help you to transfer Videos and Photos from iPhone to Windows 8.

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