Friday, March 28, 2014

The Availability Of HopTo App A Boon For IPad Users

Apple iPad is a very popular and familiar tablet that customers use that provides great functionality and packs in a heavy performance. In this modern era, the Apple iPad has found much followers and even computer users are slowly shifting towards the use of the IPad. Vivid iPad apps are available that suit users of all types. Microsoft Office for Apple iPad is still a long endless wait. The endless wait for customers however has some relief, as the new HopTo app is now available.

What does the app do?

Excel spreadsheets and Word documents can be edited, viewed and created with ease. PowerPoint presentations can be viewed easily and the feature for editing presentations is coming soon.

SkyDrive support in the works

The provision for viewing PNGs, TIFs, PDFs, and animated GIFs is possible. Listening to music formats such as iTunes M4A files, MP3s etc is possible. From cloud services like Google drive and Dropbox, easy access of documents and files can be done. Microsoft SkyDrive support is also in the works. By using a File Connector program, you will be able to avail files present in the computer. Flawlessly the program performs on Windows OS running PCs and the support for MAC PCs is in the works.

Use an external keyboard

While accessing Excel or Word documents, the file will be visible and at the end of the screen, the formatting toolbar is present. The necessary commands and features are available in the formatting toolbar. For users familiar with the IPad, they know that a large area is consumed by the on screen keyboard. However, that does not mean that the entire document gets covered. You will still be able to see some sections of the documents. Availing an external keyboard is a wiser choice.

Create new documents

On the screen's top right corner, a plus button is available. The function of this button is to make a new Excel or Word document. The recent files are listed accordingly so that there is no difficulty in finding out the files. Searching is made all the more simpler and efficient with the search feature that is available.

Users may experience technical issues or doubts with Microsoft Office products and they may require the essential help. By contacting Microsoft help line, users may avail the necessary help. The Microsoft help line number may be availed by searching for the same in the internet.

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