Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To Repair Autocomplete Cache In Outlook 2010

The most popular email client of Microsoft is Microsoft Outlook and it is an application that provides a wide variety of features for the Windows users. In fact, this application is not only compatible with Windows OSs but it also works well with other OSs like Mac and Android. Many versions of Outlook have been released and the one that was released before Outlook 2013 is Microsoft Outlook 2010.

By using this popular email client of Microsoft, a user will be able to send and receive email messages and it will make the communication a lot easier. Other features associated with Outlook are Contacts, Task Manager, Scheduler etc, making it more popular among the users.

Like other applications, the Outlook 2010 also has many bugs and issues. In many cases, while operating with Outlook 2010, the users will experience a problem where the mailbox associated with Outlook/Exchange 2010 will become corrupted or damaged. As a result, when composing a new email message, the Autocomplete feature will not appear in Outlook. The Outlook makes a temporary Autocomplete list of your session; however, it will be deleted once you exit the application.

This issue can be resolved very easily and it only requires emptying the cache associated with exchange server. Here are some techniques that you should adopt to conduct the Outlook repair when the Autocomplete feature is not working.

Check if Autocomplete addresses are still present or not

It is from the email addresses in the fields To, Cc, and Bcc of a sent message that the Autocomplete cache is built. A similar copy of the contact will be saved in the Suggested Contacts folder and you need to check whether this folder exists or not in the mailbox. This is because, at the end of the procedure, the Autocomplete cache needs to be repopulated.

Delete mailbox-based and local Autocomplete cache
  • Exit from Outlook and from %homepath%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache, delete the local Autocomplete cache.
  • Use the command line called switch /cleanautocompletecache and restart Outlook. As a result, the server-based copy of Autocomplete will be deleted.
Repopulating Autocomplete cache
  • Start by creating a new blank message and set the date for sending the email for the next day or after. This will prevent the sending of a blank email message.
  • The full contents of the folder called Suggested Contacts needs to be added to the field called To, Cc, or Bcc.
  • Next, click the button called Send. Now, Autocomplete cache will populate.
  • At last, you need to delete the send message that is queued from the Outbox.
The above said techniques will help you to conduct Outlook repair of Autocomplete Cache in Outlook 2010. To know more about this, contact Outlook tech support center.

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