Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Power Game Set To Launch In Windows 8

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 8 and they introduced this operating system mainly for touch screen devices. With this release, Microsoft is planning to release various apps and games for various Windows 8 devices. As a part of it, a board game that was popular in the seventies called the Power Game created by Brian McCarthy is all set to be launched in the Windows 8 platform.

In old days, the particular board game was a big hit, more than 4 million copies were sold, and this game is found to be a substitute for the game Chess. This game is a multiplayer strategy board game just like chess but the rules are completely different from it. Only four rules are there in this particular game and this gives an easy chance to learn and understand the game within seconds.

At the beginning, eight opposing cogs are laid out to each player and the cogs are moved around the board in order to turn your rival’s master gear clockwise.  You can even turn your opponents own cog against him. In fact, this was in the old version. However, the new digital version of this game does not need pieces and boards even though the concept is same in both versions. Moreover, the users can play this game in three different modes like single player, multi-player and online player. Thus, there is no need of another person to play this game in digital media.

The new digital version of the Power game will be available for download in eight different languages and Windows users can download this game from the Windows Store through various Windows 8 devices like Windows phone 8, Windows 8 PC’s, and Surface RT. Brian McCarthy, who was the creator of this game, claims that playing this game in digital media is more interesting than the previous one.

A new payment model was introduced by Microsoft for this game and they claim that this will be really shockproof. An ad-supported and an ad-free version of this game can be downloaded free from the Windows Store. For gaining more personalized experience, it is possible to change the background, master gears, and cogs in the free version whereas the paid version features unlimited bolts for €20. This will in turn open additional backgrounds and themes.

After installing the app, make sure that you reboot Windows 8 before playing it for the first time. To reboot Windows 8, push the power button in the CPU.

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