Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tips For Removing The Windows XP Service Pack Uninstall Files

Windows XP is the operating system released by Microsoft after Windows 2000. This particular operating system has bought a revolution in the world of PCs. It has many user-friendly features that will help you to do your tasks easily. You need to install the Service Packs for getting the latest features and security updates that are provided directly by the Microsoft.

When the Service Pack is installed, your windows will create a folder containing service pack uninstall files. These folders can be identified by seeing the name as it starts and ends with $. If you need to delete this folder containing service pack uninstall files, it is easy. All you have to do is follow these easy instructions from the Windows tech support team.

  • Navigate to the Windows Start button seen on the lower left corner of your Windows XP screen and from the Start menu, click on the icon named My Computer or you can directly double click the My computer icon seen on the desktop to open it.
  • If the details that is in the right side of the desktop pane displays a blue pane showing the title named These files are hidden, then you need to click the option named Show the contents of this folder.
  • In the address bar of the My Computer Window, you need to type c:\windows followed by pressing the key called Enter using your keyboard. Now, a Windows folder will be opened on the screen.
  • From the My Computer menu bar, you need to click on the link called View and from the resulting drop down menu, select the option called Details. In order to sort the file list by date, you need to click on the column header named Date Modified.
  • Check for the particular service pack update by looking at the date when you have installed it and select the specific Service pack uninstall folder that you want to delete. For e.g. If you have added a Service Pack in a specific year say 2006, then you need to select the Service Pack files of that particular date to delete it. 
  • Delete the selected Service Pack folder by pressing the Delete button seen in the keyboard. Wait until all the files in the folder are deleted. 
  • Once finished, exit the process by closing all the opened windows. 
The above instructions given by the Windows tech support team will help you in deleting the folder containing the Windows XP Service Pack Uninstall files.

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