Thursday, January 30, 2014

Various Types Of Tech Support Offered By Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is one of the latest installments in the Windows Operating System series developed by Microsoft. Windows 7 is replete with amazing features, making it the most popular operating system, used by millions of people across the globe.

In case Windows 7 crashes on you, or you face issues while installing it, you might want to contact PC support to delve into the issue and fix it for you. The software maker provides several PC support options that may be of help. It is possible for you receive Windows 7 tech support if you bought Windows 7 as a standalone product, instead of having gotten it installed on a PC that you just bought.

Online Support

If you’re loathe to wait around, the quickest way to get Windows 7 tech support is to look for help online. Microsoft provides a free service online for fixing some of the simpler problems you’d encounter. When Windows 7 users post questions on this site, you stand to get a solution from either Microsoft or another user who sees your post. When you visit Microsoft Answers, type your question in the Search box to check if yours is a problem that’s been stated or/and resolved already. If this tack doesn’t work for you, there are still other avenues to turn to.

Other options

Some Microsoft Support options are free, whereas for others you’d have to pay a certain subscription fee. Such a support site will have a wizard with drop-down menus that ask for the nature of your problem, along other details about it. After you choose or specify, the wizard may mention if phone, chat and mail support are free for that particular issue. Otherwise, such as in the case where you chose Networking, the wizard prompts you to enter your Windows 7 product ID. It then determines whether you are eligible for a free support solution, if it exists for your networking related problem. When you use the wizard to inform the Microsoft team of your problem, you will finally reach a page that lists your support options, and any fees that may exist for availing these.

Unsupported Products

In case your copy of Windows 7 actually came along with your PC, then Microsoft’s support wizard will prompt you to contact your computer’s manufacturer. You can then look in your computer’s documentation for a contact number or email address, to contact the company, and then explain your issue.
We hope that this information has helped clear up some of your doubts regarding Microsoft Support. If you’re still left with others, get in touch with our support team.

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