Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Resend Stuck Emails In Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is a personal information manager and email client designed and developed by Microsoft. This application is widely recognized for its simple but effectual email management features.
Many users configure multiple email accounts with Outlook and manage separate accounts with a single application. This helps them save a lot of time, by evading the need to access each of the email accounts to check freshly arrived mails. Apart from that, Microsoft Outlook also connects to the server automatically and saves the data to the device for later access. However, Outlook is not fully devoid of issues, and users report encountering problems in sending and receiving emails via the application all the time.
It is found that Outlook application sometimes fails to send emails with large attachments, and the message remains trapped in the Outbox folder. Thus, whenever you open the program, Outlook will automatically attempt to resend the email and prevent sending of other mails.
If you need assistance with such Outlook problems and help to troubleshoot it, the below given instructions will be beneficial in the concern.

Steps to follow
  • Go to the File button located on the top menu bar in the Outlook application window and click on Work Offline. This will disconnect the program from internet and stop sending of the stuck email.
  • Restart the Outlook program to access the email in the Outbox folder without any issues.
  • Navigate to the Outbox folder when Outlook reboots, and open the unsent mail in it.
  • Select File from the top ribbon, and click on Save As option to save a copy of the mail to your computer for later use. Close the mail and return to the Outbox folder. 
  • Right click over the unsent mail and select Delete from the resulting menu. 
  • Move on to the Outlook main screen and click on the Work Offline button once again to re-establish internet connection. The pending emails would be sent automatically as soon as the internet connection is restored.
  • Click on the New button to create a new message in the Outlook program. Copy the saved email data in the text field and edit the matter if required.
  • When done, resend the email by clicking on the Send button.
If you require guidance with any other Outlook problems and help to fix the issues, feel free to contact Microsoft Outlook help and support team.

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