Thursday, January 23, 2014

More About The PST Repair And Recovery

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known personal application manager and usually comes bundled with the Microsoft suite of applications. It is the popular email client used by millions of people worldwide and provides many user-friendly features and functions. It includes a function where it is possible to send/receive emails and messages, contacts, tasks, calendar and schedule. In addition, it is possible to synchronize Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange server with Outlook and can be efficiently used in companies having big number of employees.
Generally, all the Outlook information is stored in the form of PST files. PST stands for Personal Storage Tables. However, like all other files and applications, there is always a chance that these PST files might become corrupt. If the PST files become corrupted, your Microsoft Outlook will work sluggishly and some of the important information will be missing from it. However, there is no need to worry as it can be restored by applying the suitable Outlook repair tool.

The causes of corruption

The sudden unexpected hanging or crashing of the Outlook application can result in the corruption of PST files. In addition, an incorrect file system recovery or a hard disk failure can also cause corruption of files. Even, unexpected closing and opening of the files can result in PST file corruption.

Using Inbox Repair Tool

This is an inbuilt repair tool that is embedded in Microsoft Outlook and it is main use is in fixing the corrupted PST files. By using this inbuilt application, a user can scan the Outlook PST files to the repair the PST error that is found. After finishing the scanning, if the inbuilt repair tool shows any issues, the tool will help in restoring the corrupted file to a previous type. Generally, this inbuilt repair tool is located in the path disk drive>:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 or disk drive>:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\. Moreover, it is different in different versions of Outlook. In Outlook 2010, it can be accessed in disk drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14, whereas in Outlook 2007, it is found in the path disk drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12.

Solutions and prevention

One of the easiest ways for preventing the corruption of PST files is by taking proper a backup of the PST files and folders. If you do not used to delete unnecessary emails periodically, then there is a good chance that the PST files would become large and will take a long time to open. Therefore, if any of the PST files becomes corrupt, then it is better to use an Outlook repair tool and restore the files to the previous working condition.

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