Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What To Do When Outlook Fails To Send Emails

We use Microsoft Outlook mainly to send and receive emails. However, the application might fail to do this very basic task owing to multiple reasons. Obviously, it would be even more annoying when you are using the application to send some urgent emails. According to the Microsoft Outlook experts, Outlook problems ranging from Outlook not responding to the failure to send emails can be fixed effectively without much effort. To fix the problem at the earliest, you need to figure out the real cause of the issue and then execute the necessary steps to fix the problem.
Often, the wrongly configured Outlook settings, especially the server settings turn out to be the primary cause of the Outlook issues such as the Unable to reply error. To fix this issue, one needs to verify the outgoing mail server details and edit it if they are wrongly configured. Read the instructions below to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection. Slow internet connection or no internet connection at all would cause problems with sending or replying emails in the Outlook application. 
  • Launch your default web browser and try to load a new web page. If the page loads successfully, it means that you have no problem with your internet connection. Obviously, you need to then go directly into the Outlook server settings to fix the problem. 
  • Navigate to the Outlook account settings and check the outgoing mail server settings. If you are unsure of the correct outgoing mail server details, contact your Email service provider and request them to provide you the correct details. After gathering the details, edit the server settings as per the details. 
  • If the problem persists even after correcting the server settings, ensure that the message you are attempting to send is not very large. If you see that the message is still not sent, press the Stop button. Navigate to the Outbox and locate the message you are trying to send. Double-click on the message to open it and reduce the size of the files in it. For instance, if the message contained any audio, or image files, reduce the number of items and attempt to resend the message. Outlook should be able to send the message now. 
The above instructions would help you troubleshoot the Outlook problems with sending emails. Make sure that you keep your Outlook application well organized and back up the data in it to avoid any loss of data in case of an Outlook failure.

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