Monday, February 24, 2014

Microsoft Creates Alliance With PwC

In a recent summit, the software giant Microsoft and PwC have decided to form an alliance in global basis so as to support and promote business transformation projects using Microsoft Business Solutions. As a byproduct of this alliance, PwC will become the first ever professional services network to build business transformation features on Microsoft Dynamics. With this new pact in place, PwC will be providing  support for Microsoft Dynamics customers who also happen to have other Microsoft services like Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and business intelligence  solutions as an integral part of the business project they are undertaking.

The sales segment manager of Microsoft Kevin Schembri stated about the recent agreement with PwC as follows in the Microsoft support web site, “This is an unprecedented move to help private and public sector organizations and Microsoft Corp is proud to be taking this initiative also in Malta with a global business player such as PwC.” It is true that with the latest pact in place both customers of Microsoft and PwC will benefit greatly from the deal. Customers of both the companies will be able to get extensive industry data and process knowledge with the alliance of both companies.

In fact, PwC Malta senior partner Kevin Valenzia stated about the new deal between Microsoft and his company saying, “Companies implementing ERP and other enterprise solutions want to be sure they deliver value and sustainable change to their organizations. Our business transformation skills, industry sector insights and knowledge of technology platforms and applications like Microsoft’s suite of solutions, help companies maximize the return on their investment. It is this combination that enables us to add value to clients as business integrators, to unlock the business benefits of technology.”

According to the latest news we get from Microsoft support center, with the new alliance with PwC companies providing ERP and other enterprise related solutions, Microsoft will be able to provide more with the support and industry exposure that they get from the deal with PwC. With the support they will be getting from PwC, companies will be able to maximize the returns of their investments.

With advanced support from PwC, users will be able to get advanced business benefits by utilizing the technology to high extends and by adding value to clients as business integrators. More information on the alliance between Microsoft and PwC can be got from the official blog posts of Microsoft.

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