Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get The Help Of An Expert For Windows Live Mail Support

Microsoft is popular for the release of many applications and is the leader in the computer related hardware and software market. One such application of Microsoft that helps to send and receive emails is Windows Live Mail, which is popular all over the world because of its outstanding features and functions. Generally, Windows Live Mail comes with Windows Vista operating system and is an alternative for the Outlook Express, which is found in the Windows XP OS.

However, like other software, Windows Live Mail also shows some problems at times and may need help to solve it. If you ever encounter any issues while working with Windows Live Mail, Microsoft has made the provision to contact the Windows Live support team, which will help a user to clear the issues very easily and without any problems. It actually consists of many experts who can help the users in creating a Windows Live Mail account and they will be able to provide the right tips if they encounter any issues while accessing the Windows Live Mail account. Now, let’s look at the various functions carried out by the Windows Live technical support team.
  • Helps to solve the error while sending and receiving emails 
  • Helps to troubleshoot Windows Live Mail easily 
  • Helps you to import contacts found in the Outlook Express 
  • Assist the users to install Windows Live Mail 
  • Helps for setting up several email account configurations like SMTP, POP, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, Yahoo mail, Gmail etc 
  • Helps the users to upgrade the Windows Live mail application 
  • Helps to restore the backups of the emails from outdated Windows Live mail versions to a latest one 
There are quite some features included with the current version of Windows Live Mail, which includes a new interface and a filter. The filter is provided in the Live mail application to block the spam messages that are coming in to your inbox and it provides greater reliability when working with large data files. Moreover, it also features a newsgroup and a phishing filter, which makes this application more preferable over other applications. However, you may need the help of the technical experts when dealing with the Windows Live Mail application.

If you are finding any difficulty while activating the security measures of the Windows Live Mail application, then it is better to contact the tech support team for help. This is because, it is the security that a user must focus on rather than cost. Therefore, to solve any issues with Windows Live Mail, you can feel free to contact the Windows Live support team for help. For more regarding this, visit the Microsoft support site.


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