Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Is Windows 7 So Popular?

When Microsoft ended the services of Windows XP, the company had expected that the XP users would soon adopt the latest versions of the OS i.e. Windows 8 and 8.1. On the contrary, most Windows XP users switched over to Windows 7 and continued abandoning Windows 8. As the recent market updates say, the user market share of Windows 7 has soared to greater heights and is touching a phenomenal 50% as of now. Although the Windows 8 usage has also increased in this time period, the users share is just 15%.

According to the Windows 7 help and support team, many users prefer using Windows 7 due to the advanced and user-friendly options the operating system comprises of. Some of the benefits of using Windows 7 are as follows.


As compared to the earlier versions of Windows such as Vista and XP, the best aspect of Windows 7 is its amazing speed. The improved desktop responsiveness as well as the faster boot times is what make Windows 7 so endearing to the users.


The predecessor to Windows 7, Windows Vista, had garnered negative reviews for the constant incompatibility issues faced by its users. On the other hand, Windows 7 works well even on low-end hardware.

Search options

By far, the Windows Search option in Windows 7 OS is the most user-friendly option. In fact, the improved search tool in Windows 7 now rivals Mac OS X’s Spotlight option. Windows 7 users just need to type in the desired option and can easily find the search result almost immediately.

Organizing options

Windows 7 comprises of the Libraries option, which makes it easier to arrange the documents and folders in the computer. The Libraries, such as Documents and Pictures also enable the users to add multiple locations by themselves.

Task Bar

Although the Windows 7 task bar looks almost similar to that in Vista, the taskbar is more powerful and has got many interesting options. According to the Windows 7 help and support team, the taskbar icons are larger and the items are grouped together, which are not labeled with the text.

Now, if you have multiple Word documents, you would be able to access an option appearing on the task bar. Hover the mouse above this option and each Window will be available in a thumbnail.

These are some of the interesting features and benefits of using Windows 7 operating system. To get more information on the same, you may contact our technical support personnel.

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