Friday, July 11, 2014

Performing Outlook Contacts Recovery

The Outlook program provides the users an option to save the contact details of every person that they have an email transaction with. This helps the users keep an electronic backup of the contacts in the Outlook program. These contact details contain the Phone contacts together with all the information about the person like Name, Tile, Email address, Company details etc. However, there are many instances where the Outlook contacts get corrupted and you have to do an urgent Outlook address book recovery to get back the contacts.

Scenario For Outlook Contacts Corruption

When corruption of files occurs in the Outlook program, the .PST file is damaged and other details along with the email data such as tasks, contacts, notes etc are corrupted too. And when it comes to contacts, in a business front or even in the personal life, you will not be able to afford to lose them. While trying to access the corrupted file, you may come up with an error saying,

ERROR: "An unexpected error prevented access to this file"

Users of the Outlook program often come up with these sorts of issues where they are prohibited from opening contacts that are stored in the Outlook PST file due to the corruption in the PST file. In such a situation, the exact issue is with the contacts list. When the user tries to access the contacts, they either disappear randomly or become corrupt. At times, the problem is also associated with the Distribution list as they also disappear or become corrupt. In this situation, performing a recovery of the Outlook Address book is the only possible solution. Probable causes of the corruption are often connected to external devices like pen drives, external hard drives etc.

It can also be connected to network that can spread virus infections to the computer and thus infect the PST files that are present in the computer. You can do the following steps to overcome this situation.
  • Try running the scanpst.exe file on the corrupted PST file. If the corruption of the Outlook program is minor, this method can help you heal the PST file that contains your crucial contacts.
  • Delete and rebuild the Distribution Lists.
  • If you are having a backup of the contacts, you can restore it from the backup of the PST file.
These are the steps to do the Outlook contacts recovery. If you have any doubts, you can contact our tech support team.

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