Monday, July 7, 2014

Syncing Google Calendar With Outlook 2010

Outlook is the standard de-facto personal information manager used in most workplaces. It acts as an e-mail program using which you can send and receive e-mails and also lets you create and share a calendar through which you can create and view appointments and other tasks. In most workplaces, this feature is crucial system, without which the entire work place would come to halt.

Google also features a Calendar sync that features the same functionalities of Outlook Calendar. The dominance of Android smart phones made Google calendar extremely popular, because you can use this feature on the go! The beauty of this application is its compatibility with other popular applications like Outlook. Google Calendar Sync is Google’s official tool, using which you can sync Google Calendar events with Outlook.

Although Google Calendar Sync supports Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, it is yet to support Outlook 2010. However, you can work around this by tweaking the Outlook executable file to enable the sync feature.

If you want to tweak Outlook 2010 executable file, you can either contact our Outlook help desk or follow these step-by-step procedure:
  • Install Google Calendar Sync on your system by downloading the installer file from the Official Google Calendar website. Upon executing the installed file, it will display an error message, stating this application is only suitable with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.
  • Before proceeding any further, you will need to back up all your data so you don’t lose it if something goes wrong. The back-up executable file will be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14. Run the application and follow the instructions.
  • To change the version values of Outlook 2010, you need to install a Hex Editor. Once installed, drag the Outlook executable file into the Hex editor.
  • Press Ctrl + F, then type in 14.0.0 in the search panel and press Enter.
  • You will see a few lines of code, along with a highlighted text which contains your search string. Change the 14.0.0 to 12.0.0 using your keyboard.
  • When you are done, save the changes and close the Hex editor.
Once you have performed this minor tweak, run Google Calendar Sync by right-clicking the icon situated in the system tray and then clicking Sync. If you have followed the instructions to the word, you will notice Google Calendar Sync will automatically sync with the Outlook Calendar.

If you encounter any trouble with syncing, or have any queries, you can contact our Outlook help desk to get detailed information.

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