Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adding Contacts In The Outlook Web App

Using Outlook when you are at work is an efficient way for communicating with your co-workers to inform them about different tasks, meetings and other office related processes. By using the features of Outlook, you can IM with ease and most importantly- send and receive mails. Users of Outlook can get apt help from Outlook tech support for any Outlook related problems.
However, the dilemma occurs when you are not at your desk, when you are using your friend’s computer, and want to convey a message to your co-worker with the help of an IM.

How to use the web app

In your contacts list, if your co-worker is already present, starting a chat session with the Outlook web app is simple and easy. From your contact list, you need to double click his name or from the email to open a chat window.
At the bottom of the window, type in your message and then click the Send option. In your co-worker’s computer, the message, which you have typed will pop up and he will be able to respond. When you are finished with your work, you can close the window by clicking on the X button, which is present at the top right corner.
In order to add a co-worker to your contact list to send an IM, you need to follow the steps provided below.

Steps Involved

1. The Add option has to be clicked which is present under the Contacts list on the left navigation pane in         Outlook web app.
2. In the dialog box of the address book web page, add the user by double clicking on the name.
3. In the box to the right of the add command, the user’s name will appear. In the search box provided,             you can also search for a user’s name.
4. The users, which you added to the contact list, will be visible at the Outlook web app interface.
5. Now your co-worker will receive your invitation, which he/she may accept or decline according to their         discretion.
In the left of the navigation pane in the Outlook web app, you will see two items that are quite similar, namely the contact list and the contacts folder. You should not get confused, as you might be able to see the same contacts on either of them.
These are the steps to follow to add users to your contact list. For any assistance on the different steps, you can contact Outlook tech support to resolve all your further queries.

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