Thursday, September 12, 2013

Managing Email Contacts In Windows Mail

Many people have more than one email account these days. You may be having a personal email account for personal use and another email account for work purposes. Windows Vista makes use of the Contacts folder to help you manage your email contacts easily, while Windows XP makes use of the address book. With the Contacts folder, you will be able to keep track of all your contacts. The steps to efficiently manage your contacts are discussed in detail below.

Let Windows Mail Manage Contacts

When you respond to an email message, the Windows mail enters that person’s name and email address automatically to the Contacts folder. If Windows mail stops that due to some technical issues, you can fix it by the following steps.

From the Tools menu, select Options. Then click on the Send tab and select Automatically Put People I Reply to in My Contacts List check box. This will make sure that the Windows mail enters the person’s details in the contact list automatically. You may seek Windows live help if you are unable to perform the steps alone.

Import an Old Address Book

To import an Address Book file from a different computer, open the Contacts folder in the computer and choose Import from the toolbar options. You have to use your old Address Book’s Export command to create a file that you can import in any of the formats like CSV, vCard, LDIF or if it is from Outlook Express, Windows Address Book file.

Adding Contacts Manually

If you want to enter the details from a business card, you have to enter the data manually. To do this, choose New from the File menu and choose Contact. This will open the form to add a new contact. You may simply add the person’s name and email address or create a detailed list by filling out all the boxes in all the tabs. When you have finished the steps, click on OK.

These are the tips and tricks to manage your email contacts efficiently and accurately. If you are not clear with any of the above steps, you can refer the Windows mail module of the official Microsoft web site or you may get help and advice from the Windows Live help team. The technicians will help you to clear away your doubts and proceed with the process of managing contacts.

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