Friday, September 13, 2013

Fixing Your Windows Firewall

Every computer system needs to be protected from unwanted access by malware and viruses. It acts as a filter and filters out all potentially dangerous threats. A software application should start immediately when the computer system starts up; however, this does not happen with Windows Firewall, as many people have often complained about this particular issue. A red At Risk icon appearing in your operating system’s notification area indicates this error. When you select this icon, a message will appear which will tell you that Windows Firewall service has failed to start.

This is a regular problem and can be fixed using any of these three guides.

Method 1
  1. Click on Start in the left bottom corner of the desktop and select the Run option. If your operating system is Windows 7, then hold down on the Window key and then press R.
  2. A dialog box will appear where you must type services.msc. Then click on Ok.
  3. A window will appear which lists out all services that your system provides. Now, double click on Microsoft Protection Service in this list of services. Under Startup Type select the Automatic option. This will enable the service to start as soon as your system starts.
Method 2
  1. Select the Start menu and choose Run or if you are currently using Windows 7, press down the Windows key and press R. In the field on the dialog box enter appwiz.cpl, then click OK.
  2. Select any third party firewall programs from the list of installed programs, and the click on the Remove option.
Method 3

  1. Click on Start in the bottom left corner of the desktop then Run or press the Windows key and press R, if your current operating system in Windows 7. In the dialog box that appears and type, the following commands and press Enter after each command.
          Net stop MSFWSVC
          Net stop MSFWDRV
          Net stop MSFWHLPR
          Net start MSFWHLPR
          Net start MSFWDRV
          Net start MSFWSVC

   2.  Click on the OK option.

This should help you enable the Firewall to work properly but if still facing issues are you can contact Windows online support. Experts at Windows online support will give you systematic guide to fix your Windows Firewall.

Always update your Windows Firewall along with security patches so that you can protect your computer system from malware. You can customize the filtering of your Windows Firewall in the Customize Settings of the Windows Firewall window.

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