Monday, September 30, 2013

New Drivers Causing Problems?

Drivers are basically programs or applications which facilitate the functioning of hardware devices compatibly with the software. These hardware devices include sound cards, video cards and network devices, which all work smoothly on your system because of respective drivers. The drivers vary depending on the device they’re installed for, and can be easily downloaded from the internet. They are available on operating discs as well.
Usually it is recommended that you use updated drivers on your system for better functioning, but these new drivers are prone to cause system instability. In these cases you should employ Rollingback Drivers, which restore the previous functioning driver on your Windows system. This will restore the drivers and put your computer in the last stable operating condition if problems arise.

How to restore drivers in Windows XP
  1. Log into the system using only the administrative password.
  2. Select the Windows Start menu, which is on the left corner of the desktop, to open up a menu. In the menu, select the Performance and Maintenance option. Select the System option in the appearing window, and then launch the System Properties window.
  3. Select the Hardware tab and in it click on Device Manager. This will produce a list of devices that your system uses. Choose which device type you wish to work with, and expand that device type branch. You can do this clicking on the + button next to the option. For example clicking on the plus sign next to Display Adapter will help you view the display drivers.
  4. A list will appear when you choose to expand any branch where you can find the drivers you wish to modify. Right click on this driver and select the Properties option in the list.
  5. In the Properties section click on the Driver tab, and then select the Roll Back Driver option.
  6. If a prompt appears, select the Yes on the prompt to initiate roll back. When completed do the same on any other driver you wish to roll back to the previous state.
  7. When you are done close the device manager and inspect the stability of your system.
Windows help can assist with restoring drivers if you face any issues during roll back in Windows XP. It is generally advised to have updated drivers, or otherwise the Windows help and support team can help you with the process of updating the drivers.

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